Who is going to win X-Factor 2017

Who Is Going To Win X Factor 2017?

As we slowly approach the end of another year, there are a few things that always happen. Halloween, Christmas and another winner of the X-Factor is crowned. After the pretty abysmal series last year, I told myself that I wasn’t going to watch it this time. That’s been partially true as I’ve only seen about half of this series. But now we’re at live shows which is always my favourite part. Sixteen contestants battling it out to be crowned the winner of X Factor 2017. Who is going to win and who should win? Let’s take a run down of this years finalists.


Grace Davies

I loved Grace at her first audition but as the show has progressed, I’ve come to dislike her. It’s not really her fault but it’s SO obvious that the producers want her to win the show. I hate that kind of manipulation. I also don’t really like her original songs apart from the one she did at her first audition. I actually find her voice quite grating now. Despite producer manipulation, I’m not sure she’ll win. I reckon the audience will slowly get bored of her as the lives continue.

My prediction: Top 3

Holly Tandy

Holly is a good singer but she’s completely devoid of any charisma or stage presence for me. I know I probably sound really harsh but look at Louisa Johnson who won the 2015 series. Her career is on life support right now and they are both very similar. I reckon she’ll be eliminated middle of the pack.

My prediction: 7th Place

Rai-Elle Williams

I don’t really agree with the show opening up to young teenagers as I just don’t think they are ready for the pressure of this competition. Rai-Elle has something special about her but I think she’s too young. She should be getting snapped up by a label and the time being spent helping her develop. Instead she’ll go out in the middle of the pack and be forgotten about.

My prediction: 9th place

Alisah Bonaobra

I was disappointed when Alisah didn’t make the live shows initially so I’m glad she was the wildcard. Alisah is a tough one to place because she undoubtedly has the strongest voice in the competition but she’s very old fashioned. She sings a lot of Whitney, Mariah and Musical songs. Great for showing off her voice but what sort of artist would she be? That’s my concern and something that could hinder her in the competition.

My prediction: 4th place


Spencer Sutherland

Okay so Spencer has already been eliminated and if I’m honest, I expected him to survive at least for a little while. Not because I think he was a stand out contestant but I thought the girls would have voted for him.

Lloyd Macey

Lloyd is the only one in the boys category that I like. Not because I think he is the best in the competition, just cause I fancy him a little bit! Lloyd has a really great voice but I think he could struggle with song choices. That being said, he has the nan storyline so I think the mums would vote for him. He would have been better on Britain’s Got Talent though.

My prediction: Top 3

Leon Mallett

I know I haven’t watched all of this series but I cannot remember anything about Leon. I can vaguely remember what he looks like but I cannot remember any of his performances. At all. And that’s not good. I think he’ll be an early elimination.

My prediction: 13th

Sam Black

I don’t know about you guys but does it not really bug you when they eliminate someone at bootcamp only to bring them back at Judges Houses thereby getting to skip 6 Chair Challenge? I can understand why they’ve brought Sam back – he has charisma and stage presence. But he has no musical identity to back that up. That being said, I think he’s had enough of an arc on the show to survive a few weeks.

My prediction: 6th


The Cutkelvins

Part of me wants The Cutkelvins to do well because they are Scottish. It’s ingrained in our DNA to support our fellow Scots okay! And I really like Shereen but she belongs in a girl group. A girl group like Neon Jungle. Just get them back together and sign them instead Simon! Braveheart is a TUNE! Regardless of how good or bad they are, they’ll go far due to the Scottish vote.

My prediction: 5th


At this point in the competition, I feel confident that Rak-Su will make the final. They’ve had just as much screen time as Grace and have been performing a lot of original tracks which is the theme of this series. I did quite like the song they performed on Sunday, it’s very current. Had it been a standard 10 weeks of live shows, I think they would have struggled but a shorter run of live shows means there is less time for people to get bored of them.

My prediction: Top 3

Sean & Conor Price

I swear, these two have appeared out of nowhere. I cannot recall anything about them at all. I did enjoy their performance on Sunday but I think it was more my love for the song than how they performed it. They seem like filler contestants to me.

My prediction: 11th

Jack & Joel

To be honest, I was surprised when Jack and Joel won the wildcard. I expected Lemonade to win. I do actually Jack and Joel. They’ve both got good voices and I’ve enjoyed their performances. But I don’t think the producers have any plans for them therefore an early exit is imminent.

My prediction: 12th


Tracyleanne Jefford

Tracyleanne’s performance on Sunday night was the first one of hers that I enjoyed. The song suited her perfectly and I thought she commanded the stage well. But she’s not a popstar. She’ll survive a few weeks because she’s had quite an extensive edit.

My prediction: 8th

Matt Linnen

If Matt had been given a lot more screen time during the show, I think he would have had the potential to win. He has a good voice and is good looking – he’s basically the new Ben Haenow. But he’s not had that much screen time so I don’t think producers plan for him to stick around long. He could be a dark horse though.

My prediction: 10th

Kevin Davy White

I was really surprised when Nicole picked Kevin for the live shows. I find his performances really boring and stiff. Sorry Kevin but I’m not a fan. I’m pretty confident that he’ll be next out.

My prediction: 14th

Talia Dean

And we’re finishing off with Talia who has been eliminated already. I never understood all the drama at 6 Chair Challenge with her, giving her a seat, eliminating her only to bring her back again. Her rendition of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ on Sunday night was painful and clearly stitched her up for an early exit.

And there we have it. Phew – that was a bit of a marathon wasn’t it! Let’s stick to 12 finalists next year X Factor okay! Who do you think is going to win? Do you disagree with my predictions? Let me know in the comments below!

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