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5 Tips To Stay Healthy While You Sit At A Desk All Day

As a web designer by day and a blogger by night, I pretty much live my life on a computer. That’s all well and good – I have a job that I enjoy and a blog that I love running but sitting at a computer for such long periods of time isn’t exactly the best thing for your health. I get sore fingers from typing, sore arms from sitting at a desk and tired eyes from staring at screens all day. I was recently contacted by the team at Ocushield to promote the dangers of overexposure to electronic screens and thought this would be a great thing to raise awareness of along with some of my tips for managing a hectic life in front of a computer. Click through to find out how you can make your life with a computer – whether it be in the office or blogger life like me a bit easier on your health.

01. Take Regular Breaks

This one seems obvious right? It’s not ideal to be sitting at a computer from nine in the morning until five at night. Take short little breaks to give your hands, arms and eyes a little break can do wonders. When my fingers start to get sore, I nip to the toilet and soak my hands in hot water. It helps to relax my fingers and ease any fatigue I’m feeling. It also gets you moving so you’re not stationery all day.

02. Protect Your Eyes from UV Exposure

Emma Stone wearing sunglasses

As we all live our lives more and more online, protecting your eyes from overexposure to blue ultraviolet is extremely important. I’ve found in the past that staring at screens for so long made me feel really tired and a bit lethargic. If you’re like me and wear glasses then getting a blue UV tint on your glasses is a great way to combat this. If you don’t wear glasses then you can buy ‘blue light screen protectors‘ for your computers and mobile devices. These work by reducing the blue light emitted from computer screens which helps reduce eye strain and fatigue.

03. Take Your Lunch

We’re all guilty of it from time to time. We have so much to do so we work through our lunch breaks. Or we take our lunch and spend our time browsing. Stop! Take your lunch break away from your desk. Give yourself some space and time to relax. It will still be there when you go back after your lunch.

04. It’s All About The Posture

Gif of woman slumping from the movie The Princess Diaries

It is so important to have the right chair in the workplace. One that is comfortable but also gives you the right support. Make sure your chair is at the right level so that your feet can sit firmly on the ground and your arms don’t feel too high or low on the desk. No slouching in your seat either!

05. A Standing Desk

I’ve not actually tried one of these myself but it could be something to consider. I’ve seen quite a few people mention them and they all recommend it. Standing at work all day though? Somebody give me a seat, I need a nap after all that standing!

Mainting a healthy work environment for your body is incredibly important and something that I am always conscious of. With computers and technology still relatively new in our lives, we don’t really know the effects of constant use will have on us as we get old. Do you have any workplace tips for me that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below and as always, thanks for reading.

// This post was written in collaboration with OcuShield but all views are my own.

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