Best Songs from Eurovision 2018

The Best of Eurovision 2018

I have been watching Eurovision religiously since I was a little boy. It all started with Gina G and the incredibly infectious ‘Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit’ representing the UK back in 1996. And I don’t care what anyone says – Eurovision does contain some brilliant pop music. Loreen with ‘Euphoria’, The Common Linnets with ‘Calm Before The Storm’ to name a few. While Eurovision 2017 was a little flat, Eurovision 2018 was filled to the brim with songs I loved. So many in fact, that I struggled to decided who would get my 12 points! So I thought I’d share my favourite songs from this years competition to make sure that you lovely lot didn’t miss out on amazing pop music.

SWEDEN – Benjamin Ingrosso ‘Dance You Off’

Sweden always send amazing songs to Eurovision. Even the songs that they submit that aren’t selected as their entry are amazing! I love watching their selection process, known as Melodifestavilen every year. They are just so good at Eurovision. There were quite a few songs that I liked this year in Melodifestavilen but I’m glad Benjamin Ingrosso won with ‘Dance You Off’. It’s a slice of sophisticated sexy pop. Maybe a little too slick for Eurovision judging on how poorly it did in the televote. Incredibly infectious and Benjamin sounds great in a higher falsetto. Plus he’s totally gorgeous! Marry me Benjamin! I can understand why some people didn’t like it based on the staging. It was a little corny but I loved it!

AUSTRALIA – Jessica Mauboy ‘We Got Love’

Pardon my French but what the actual fuck?! Australia finished last in the televote. LAST! This song is AMAZING! This track was for sure, the best song that Australia have sent since it’s debut in 2015. It has a great energy to it with a positive message and Jessica sings the hell out of it. You could feel the love exuding from her during her performance. Was she pitch perfect? No but that was part of the appeal as she was giving it her all. I actually feel so bad for Jessica as she deserved so much better than that. Seriously robbed! Let’s make it up to her by buying and streaming the song.

FRANCE – Madame Monsieur ‘Mercy’

When it comes to the big 5 countries, they very rarely send a decent song to Eurovision. France have been bucking that trend these last couple of years. This years entry ‘Mercy’ by duo Madame Monsieur is like Chvrches meets Christine and the Queens with a little La Roux thrown in. It’s all about the production which is honestly impeccable. Intellectual pop if you will. I love that the song is incredibly chilled and doesn’t try to be this big Eurovision banger that we’ve come to expect. This is the sort of track I could see being championed by Radio 1.

CYPRUS – Eleni Foureira ‘Fuego’

Poor Eleni. She was so close to winning. She deserved to win in my opinion. After years trying to represent Greece, she finally got her chance with Cyprus and what an absolute banger. Fuego is a slice of high energy electro dance pop and it’s absolute perfection. The whole thing is so sophisticated and sexy especially Eleni herself who totally sells the package. Her performance was easily one of the best on the night. It will be remembered for a long time!

PORTUGAL – Cláudia Pascoal ‘O Jardim’

It’s always incredibly unlikely that the host country will win the competition again. But for Portugal to finish last with this absolutely stunning song is just ridiculous. Cláudia is very much a staple of music shows in Portugal, having appeared on Idol, X-Factor and The Voice there. And no wonder – her voice is gorgeous. ‘O Jardim’ is a stunning atmospheric ballad that from the very first note captivates me into a different world. Nothing else existed during her performance, I was completely enchanted by this song and her voice. Sublime.

What were your favourite songs from Eurovision 2018? Let me know in the comments below and on social media!

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