Shinee - Story of Light Album Review

SHINee ‘The Story Of Light’ – EP 1 Review

Making it to the 10 year mark in the K-Pop industry isn’t a common thing. Very few artists in the industry make it beyond the 7 year mark. It takes a special kind of bond between the members of any K-Pop group to be able to hit that 10 year milestone. So it really says a lot about the bond between the members of SHINee that not only were they able to reach this milestone in their careers, but that they were able to support each other and continue on after the death of member Jonghyun. To celebrate 10 years of SHINee, the group will be releasing ‘The Story Of Light’ album spread over 3 EPs.

‘The Story Of Light – EP 1’ contains 5 brand new tracks. First up is ‘All Day, All Night’ which is a pretty solid start to the EP. The verses and bridge are pretty good, in particular the second verse that includes a great dance beat that gets your head bopping. The chorus lacks the same catchy hooks as the verses though which is a little disappointing. I think this song will come alive more when it’s performed live. ‘Good Evening’ is the lead single from this EP and I honestly cannot stress enough how much I love this song. From the slick electro pop production with hints of acoustic guitar – it’s incredibly well produced. It’s incredibly catchy – the hook from the bridge into the chorus is honestly so infectious. Part of it reminds me a little bit of the RuPaul song ‘Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent’. Vocally, all 4 members sound really great on this song and even better together harmonising on the chorus. Could this be the best SHINee single ever? Quite possibly.

‘Undercover’ is classic SHINee. Verses with more subdued ‘cool’ sounding production with a HUGE chorus. It’s a formula that’s worked for them so why change it? Well that’s exactly what they do with the next track ‘Jump’ which is so freaking catchy. From the very first time I heard this song, I loved it. This is full on pop with more hooks you can shake a stick at. It’s the production that really sells the song though. It’s not overdone, just enough beats and bass to make it a real toe tapper. I’ve been going between this and ‘Good Evening’ constantly since the EP’s release and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Closing the EP out is ‘You And I’ which is a gorgeous electro ballad. It reminds me a lot of 1980’s pop with all the synths. The vocals are gorgeous with Taemin really standing out for me. I love how the song slowly builds and then for the last minute, the full production hits. It’s stunning.

One thing’s for sure – SHINee are not here to play with this comeback. With the quality of this EP so high, I fully expect the even bigger songs to be kept for the EPs to come. With K-Pop boy bands really making waves in Western markets, SHINee have shown us once again why they are undoubtedly the best out of them all.

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