Saying Goodbye to Odeon Dumfries - image of the outside of the former Odeon in Dumfries, Scotland. Image courtesy of Google Maps.

Saying Goodbye To Odeon Dumfries

I have been an avid movie lover since I was a little boy. One of the things I loved to do growing up was going to the cinema with my family and friends. Growing up in the small town of Dumfries, we had a small Odeon cinema that contained a single screen. Regardless, it was our cinema and we loved it. But sadly this is now coming to an end as my hometown cinema has closed it’s doors for the final time. I’m pretty bummed about it to be honest. Now if I want to take my family to the cinema when I visit them, it’s a 2 hour round trip to Carlisle. But let’s not focus on the bad. This blog post is about focusing on all the happy memories I have from there. Here are some of them.

Childhood Cinema – Harry Potter

Growing up, my younger brother Kieren and I loved going to the cinema with our cousins. We’d always go on a Saturday around lunch time and to make sure we always got the seats we wanted, we’d queue hours before the film. The Odeon Dumfries has a raised entryway which allowed you to queue outside before your film. We would be raging if we weren’t at the front of the queue! I remember all of us being absolutely buzzing with excitement while we waited to see Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone for the very first time.

After School Cinema – Literally every movie released from 2004-2005

When I was in High School, Wednesdays were always my favourite day. Why? Because I finished school at lunch time. 2 free periods in the afternoon meant that me and my high school bestie Nicola would head off into town for some lunch and then go see a movie. And we saw practically everything – the Spiderman movies, Thunderbirds, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – you name it. One of my favourite memories was when we went to see Thunderbirds. We had just received our 5th year exam results and let’s just say, they weren’t that good. So we decided to go see Thunderbirds for a second time just so we could hide from our parents!

Movie posters for Harry Potter, Secret Life Of Pets, Revenge of the Sith and Ratatouille, all movies I've seen at Odeon DumfriesMovie posters from films I've seen at Odeon Dumfries over the years.
Posters of movies I have seen at Odeon Dumfries over the years.

A Cinema Date – Elizabeth:The Golden Age

For my first date with my now husband Steven, I had travelled to Glasgow. So it only made sense for him to come to Dumfries for our second date. There isn’t a lot of things to do in Dumfries so going to the cinema seemed the obvious choice. It was early November and they were showing Elizabeth: The Golden Age starring Cate Blanchett. I can remember being mortified when we entered the cinema, booked our tickets and headed up the stairs only for Steven to ask which screen we were in. It’s a single screen cinema – the horror on Steven’s face that we only had one screen was certainly a picture. The film itself was alright but the best moment was when Steven decided to hold my hand towards the end of the film.

An Empty Cinema – Iron Man

When we were kids, the cinema was always busy but as time passed, fewer and fewer people were attending. In the Summer of 2008, Steven had come to Dumfries for a couple of days and we decided to go see Iron Man. And we had the entire cinema to ourselves. This would go on to happen numerous times over the years and it was great! No rustlers!

Family Time – Avengers: Infinity War

Over the last few years, my visits to Odeon Dumfries have been very few, obviously because I don’t live there any more. My visits would be when I’d take my nephew to see the latest Star Wars or animated films. I loved our evenings at Christmas checking out the new Star Wars films. Our last visit as a family was back in May to see Avengers: Infinity War. My mum was desperate to see it so I made the journey down to take her, my nephew and even my dad to see the movie. I think that was the second time I’ve ever been to the cinema with my dad! Little did I know that this would be the last time at our hometown cinema.

I have a lot of memories attached to Odeon Dumfries and these are just a few of them. As much as I am sad to see my childhood cinema shut down, I’ll always be thankful for the memories. So thank you Odeon Dumfries for the memories. Here’s hoping you return to my hometown someday soon.


  • Bexa says:

    Aww it sounds like you had so many special memories here, especially going on your first date with your husband. I love going to the cinema, it’s such an enjoyable experience. I hope you find another one you can go to. Thank you for sharing Liam ☺️ xx

    Bexa |

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