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RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars 4 – My Wish List

Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race may have only wrapped a couple of weeks ago but the attention has already turned to the prospect of a 4th season of Allstars. Yes that’s right, apparently the big bosses at VH1 have commissioned a 4th season to air supposedly after season 11. I don’t know about you guys but I feel like they need to leave bigger gaps in between Allstars seasons as otherwise they are going to run out of queens to book. But I’m not the boss so instead I’m going to discuss which 10 queens I’d love to see make an appearance in RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars 4. Will your underrated faves make the chop?


Ever since the first season of Allstars was announced, people have been beginning for Ongina to make an appearance. Ongina was undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of the original season and despite her continuing popularity, we’ve never seen her since. Could we finally see the pint sized princess make her long awaited return to the runway in Allstars 4? I bloody well hope so!

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Jiggly Caliente

Jiggly was a big personality in season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race but that didn’t quite make up for her lack of sewing skills. But Jiggly’s personality is infectious and from what I’ve seen of her post season 4, she’s made strides in her drag. I say let Jiggly represent season 4 in Allstars 4.

Trinity K Bonet

One of the things you hear nearly every season now is – who is the lip sync assassin? Well, Trinity K Bonet is the original and best lip sync assassin. Of all the lip syncs, hers against Milk is probably one of my favourite lip sync performances ever! And how good was she in the RuPaul Roast challenge! So funny! Trinity has made no secret either on her social platforms that she wants to appear in Allstars so come on Ru, let’s make it happen!

Ivy Winters

Has there been a queen as creative as Ivy Winters? I’m having a hard time thinking of another queen who could match her. Ivy Winters was incredibly creative, elegant and endearing in season 5 but she unfortunately didn’t stand out enough in what was probably the bitchiest season of Drag Race ever. I would love to see what incredibly outfits and ideas Ivy has come up with since then. I reckon she could be the dark horse of Allstars 4.


The fact that Max was totally killing the competition only to get knocked out in her first lipsync for your life is still one of the weirdest choices the show has made. There was still so much filler by that point! Bizarre! I liked Max’s drag a lot and I’d love to see it again. Hopefully she’d wear a grey wig every episode just to piss Michelle Visage off.

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Laila McQueen

Poor Laila McQueen. She clearly felt out of her depth in season 8 and it showed in her performance. I felt that Laila had a lot of potential but she simply lacked the confidence to show it. She seems to have found her confidence now judging by her social media so it’d be cool to see her in Allstars and whether she can translate that into success on the show this time around.

Shea Couleé

For me, Shea Couleé is the true winner of season 9. She had 4 challenge wins and only that stupid lipsync finale denied her the crown. I’m not bitter though cause it means we can see Shea again in Allstars 4! Yay! I absolutely Shea’s drag aesthetic – it’s so colourful and cool. I think Shea would bring a lot of star power and charisma to any Allstars season and would be a top contender for the crown.

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Courtney Act

Undoubtedly the most famous contestant in this list, Courtney is now most famous (in the UK at least) for winning Celebrity Big Brother 2018. I only watched some of it but from what I saw, Courtney was incredibly warm and articulate. I also saw her tour ‘Under the Covers’ recently and she was fantastic. So as to whether Courtney would appear on Allstars is unlikely because she doesn’t really need the exposure. But I’m intrigued to see what she could bring to the table on a second outing?

Jessica Wild

It’s funny when you go back and watch older seasons of Drag Race as it feels like watching a show from a totally different era. It’s been almost a decade since Jessica appeared on Drag Race and I’d like to see what her drag is like now. Jessica was very likeable in season 2 and her performance in the ‘Absolute’ challenge is probably the best moment of that season. Oh I love that drink!


The fan favourite of season 9, Valentina was undoubtedly the true winner of that season. She’s crazy popular. And I liked her a lot too. But after that now infamous lipsync disaster, she had to go. I think it’s very likely that if Valentina appears in Allstars 4 that she could very well win it. She oozes charisma.

Who would you guys like to see appear in RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars 4? Let me know in the comments and on social media. And remember, if you can’t love yourself then how the hell you gonna love somebody else!

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