5 shows needs on netflix uk

#NetflixNeeds – 5 Essentials Shows For Netflix

As an early adopter of Netflix, I’ve been a fan of the service for a long time. It’s not always easy – you spend far too much trying to find something to watch and the US/Canadian audience get much better offerings but there’s a lot to love. And with the focus being more and more on original programming, Netflix is becoming a major player in the entertainment industry. That being said, there’s a few things I’d love to see go on Netflix – here are my 5 essential #NetflixNeeds.


Ugly Betty

Netflix Needs - ugly betty

Comebacks are still all the rage and if Netflix can bring back ‘Gilmore Girls’ then bringing back Ugly Betty should be a no-brainer. During it’s original run, Ugly Betty went from a huge hit to a ratings nightmare – not because of the quality of the show but the constant moving of the show’s schedule. And while the show wrapped up decently enough in it’s series finale, it definitely felt rushed and there are plenty more stories to tell. Whatever happened to Alexis? Did Marc ever become more than an assistant? Who is Bad Ronald? Very important questions that need to be answered! The cast are still all very close which I absolutely love and I think they would all jump at a chance to jump back into the world of Betty Suarez.


Bob’s Burgers

Netflix Needs - bobs burgers

One of the most underrated shows on television, Bobs Burgers doesn’t get the recognition or audience it deserves. It’s a decent enough performer in the ratings but if I was given a £1 for every time someone tells me they’ve never heard of it – I’d be a millionaire. With it’s eighth season starting soon, it’s about time it got the recognition it deserved. Whether it’s the hilarious Linda or the defiant Tina, the Belcher family bring the laughs every single episode. Stop watching The Simpsons, stop watching Family Guy and start watching Bobs Burgers – on Netflix – when they put it up. Right Netflix?


Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Netflix Needs - Sabrina

Sabrina the Teenage Witch was (or more accurately is) one of the best shows of the 1990’s. Remember when you used to sit and watch Nickelodeon constantly for Sabrina, Saved By The Bell, Sister Sister and Keenan & Kel? Good times. Sabrina isn’t available on any streaming or digital services (not even iTunes) so it would be good to have it somewhere to watch. Basically, I don’t want to have to dig my DVD boxset out and have to change discs. Sue me. Could Sabrina come back for a new season? I don’t know. The seventh season without Aunt Zelda and Hilda was a disaster and was completely devoid of laughs. But what if they bring it back like they’ve done with the spin-off of That’s So Raven where Sabrina is still the central character but she has children who are witches too? Put it into development Netflix, I’ll happily take a small royalty cheque.


Disney’s Recess

Netflix Needs - Recess

I know everyone will say this but the cartoons I grew up with were the best. Disney’s Recess was one of them. Running for six seasons, a movie and a spin-off show – it was pretty successful but then it all just abruptly came to an end. I’m not interested in new episodes now, I think Recess is very much of the time and any changes to modernise it would be lame. But Disney Life only has a couple of seasons and I want to watch all seasons dammit! Let me binge Netflix!


X-Men: The Animated Series

Netflix Needs - X-Men

They used to have it back in the early days so bloody bring it back! Seriously, one of the best and most accurate comic book shows out there. Every single week, they brought the X-Men comics to life and stayed the most true to the source material (take note X-Men movies). It’s continued on in comic book form with the X-Men 92 series which really captures the magic of the show. Sure, the animation style won’t be the same if they brought it back, it has been over 20 years after all but as long as the incredibly storytelling is there – why not bring it back? Netflix has quite a strong range of cartoon exclusives on the platform, X-Men would be a great addition to it.

What would you like to see go onto Netflix UK? Let me know in the comments below and as always, thanks for reading.

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