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Can MyProtein Help Cure Me Of My Sweet Tooth?

In my endless search for the perfect body, there is always one thing holding me back. My diet. While my diet has improved greatly these last few months, there are still parts of it that are a problem. Yes, it’s everyone’s worst enemy – sweets. So when it was time for me to re-order my protein powder from MyProtein, I decided to delve into their snack section and see if there was anything that could help me conquer my sweet tooth.

There are a few reasons why I’ve avoided buying protein snacks until now. The options in the supermarkets are incredibly limited and what they do offer tends to taste synthetic and gross. There’s also cost with most health goods costing a lot more than their sugary alternatives. I’ve been buying my protein powders from MyProtein for a few months now and they offer great flavours and a decent price. Because of this, I decided to try their protein brownies and granola and see if they were any good.

As soon as I received my order, I decided to try one of the protein brownies. With 23g of protein and 287 calories per brownie, it’s the perfect early evening snack to finish the day. Here’s a tip – don’t eat them cold. These brownies taste just like every other protein cookie that I’ve tried – synthetic and gross. I couldn’t even finish it. A few nights later, I decided to try another one but this time I gave it a blast in the microwave and added a dollop of cream. What a difference that makes! The overpowering synthetic taste and dry texture was gone and it tasted a little sweeter. It’s not something that I think I could have more than once a week otherwise I’d get sick of it pretty quick.

The granola comes in two different flavours – chocolate caramel and red berry. I ordered the chocolate caramel variety which sports 15g of protein and 170 calories per bowl. It tasted just like a bowl of branflakes to me which is no bad thing. I couldn’t taste very much caramel though which is a little disappointing. For that reason, I’m not sure I could justify buying this again unless the flavour was stronger.

The last item I ordered was the protein cheese. Now while I haven’t tried MyProtein’s own brand protein cheese, I have tried other varieties and found it to taste pretty good. I tried it by grating some and mixing it with a bit of mozzarella for my protein pizza. And it tasted great. There wasn’t much flavour but mixing it with other cheeses makes up for that and you’re still getting a good chunk of protein in your diet.

After trying both of these items, I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re never going to get a healthy snack that tastes as good as the naughty stuff. Would I order any of these products again? Probably not unless they were on offer. They were perfectly serviceable products and I imagine a lot of people will love their taste, just not quite for me. I will continue to buy my Protein Powders but until improvements can be made to flavour of protein snacks, I guess I’m stuck with this dilemma. Now somebody pass me the skittles please.

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