My Canadian Adventure – Part 3

posted by Liam McNally June 2, 2017
My Canadian Adventure

It is time for the third and final part of ‘My Canadian Adventure’. This blog covers the last three days in Toronto before we sadly have to make the journey back to Scotland and everyday life.

As with all of our holidays, we like to have things well planned so that we don’t miss out on things. You only have so much time and you want to make sure you cover all bases right? But here we were, with a day with no solid plan in place – and it was actually kind of nice. It was nice being able to just get up in the morning and decide in the moment what we wanted to do. So we decided to take a walk down to the harbour and enjoy the view. It was a very cold morning but we had a nice little seat looking out onto Ontario Lake. Steven got himself a Tim Hortons for breakfast and a dog kept coming over to see if he could get a bite.

My Canadian Adventure - Toronto ViewEnjoying the view of Ontario Lake

We then walked along the coastline and booked to go on a boat tour around the Toronto Islands. Unfortunately, there had been a lot of flooding due to bad weather so we were unable to stop on the islands. We had a bit of time to kill so we headed into ‘Beavers Tail’ for a bite to eat. We ordered some poutine which is basically chips with crazy and cheese curd and a beavers tail each. Don’t worry, it’s not actually a beavers tail! It’s like a fried pastry with your choice of topping. Steven went for Nutella while I had Oreo. It was soooo yummy but I felt quite gross after eating that and poutine for brunch.

My Canadian AdventureSteven’s Beaver Tail with Nutella

My Canadian AdventureSome delicious poutine from Beavers Tail

We boarded the boat about 12pm and it was nice just getting to chill on the boat and enjoy the wonderful views. There was a really snooty woman in front of us who kept shutting the window of the boat every time the Chinese lady in front of her opened it. The lady just wanted to take a good picture but this snob in front wasn’t having any of it. I was living for the drama there! The tour guide on the boat was really informed, telling us about the history of Toronto and the islands. We had a really stunning view of the Toronto skyline and a plane that had taken off from Billy Bishop airport flew right over us.

My Canadian Adventure - Toronto SkylineEnjoying the Toronto Skyline

In the afternoon, we decided to check out another film so we headed along to the cinema just along from our hotel to see the Power Rangers reboot. It was so incredibly lame and cheesy and pointless but it was still fun. Brainless fun. Afterwards, we decided to do our holiday shopping in the Eaton Centre. There are so many great shops in there but it is super expensive.

And now we’ve reached Thursday and it’s our last full day in Canada. Today has been reserved for Wonderland, Canada’s national theme park. I LOVE theme parks and will go on absolutely any ride. The day didn’t get off to a great start. There’s no easy way to get to Wonderland from Toronto so we had to plan how to get there. Steven assured me that he had worked it out. So off we go, using the subway to only find that the directions weren’t right. We asked for help and we got on a bus which was supposed to get us there. We ended up stranded at a dodgy outlet mall in the middle of nowhere. It was not cute. We had to go find a Wifi connection so we could book an Uber the rest of the way. We got there eventually but it wasn’t the best start to our final day in Toronto.

My Canadian AdventureThe Bat Rollercoaster at Canada’s Wonderland

Thankfully with it being a Thursday and in the middle of May, the theme park was practically empty. I think we only had to queue for one ride and it was only 10/15 minutes. There are two sections to Wonderland – the main park and the water park. The water park was closed until the Summer but we didn’t mind. There are a lot of big rollercoaster rides at this park and it was great being able to get on them right away so there was no chance of you chickening out. There was only one I didn’t go on which was called ‘Time Warp’. You have to lie down on your stomach and get strapped in for that one and that’s a big no no for me.

My Canadian AdventureWonder Mountains Guardian Ride

There are so many rides at Wonderland that it can be a little confusing where the entrances actually are. There is a huge green rollercoaster called ‘Leviathan’ that we wanted to do but we accidentally ended up on the ‘Minebuster’ coaster thinking that was the queue. We did eventually get on ‘Leviathan’ which has the biggest drop I think I’ve ever seen. I felt my stomach drop to the floor when we tipped over the edge and literally went straight back down. My stomach held up well on all the rides though except for one – ‘The Bat’. On that ride, you go around the rollercoaster twice – once forwards and then backwards. Going forwards was fine but it was doing the loops backwards that made me feel queasy.

I’ve been to a lot of theme parks – Alton Towers, Disneyland Paris, Universal Studios Florida and while I enjoyed my time at Wonderland, it doesn’t really hold a candle to any of them. Wonderland is quite dated – the music played across the park is all from 2001 and the aesthetic of the park screams early noughties realness. And while the rides are fun, there is a lack of theme and identity across the park. I don’t think I would go back again.

My Canadian AdventureChilling at the Toronto Sign

And here we are – it is our final day in Canada. We have to check out at 1pm (the hotel kindly gave us late checkout) but our flight isn’t until just before midnight so what are we going to do? Shop of course – and get another beavers tail! It was quite a sad day because despite only being in Canada for seven days, it felt like home. As a gay man, living in a city and country which is so supportive and open to the LGBT community, I felt more comfortable than I ever have. In Scotland, I still feel uncomfortable holding my husbands hand in public but in Canada, I felt completely comfortable doing so. My husband and I had a discussion over dinner (in Jack Astors of course) about our plans for emigration and we’re both on the same page. We want to live in Canada and live the Canadian dream. The people in Canada are friendly, welcoming and liberal. It’s how I wish the UK was but sadly, the UK is going in the opposite direction. So as we said hopped on the UP Express to the airport, we knew we would be back again but not as tourists – as Canadian citizens.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my Canadian Adventure. If you have any questions about Canada or Toronto, leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Thanks for reading.

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