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Good Friends & Great Memories – My Best Friends

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships. Why do some friendships stand the test of time while others do not? I’ve had a lot of friends come and go in my life. Whether it be high school friendships that have fizzled out or friendships that have ended on bad terms. Why are some friendships able to survive through thick and thin? And I’ve come to realise that it’s simply because their awesome people. So now that I’m in a much better place mentally with negative relationships now out of my life, I thought I’d blog about my awesome friends. It’s time for you to meet ‘The Mean Girls’. Get in loser, we’re going shopping!


Gemma and I first met in early 2011. I was in my 3rd year at Uni and was working part time at Vodafone. I had been there a few months before Gemma was transferred to my store as the new Assistant Manager. My first impression of Gemma was that I liked her but I was always wary around senior figures. I even rejected her Facebook friend request initially! We soon became workplace besties and Sundays became the best days for banter. We had a lot of laughs. It was honestly the best group of people to work with. Once I left Vodafone, our friendship blossomed more outside the world of mobile phones – attending gigs, nights out to the Polo Lounge and more. But I think it was our mutual love for both Eurovision and Star Wars that really solidified our bond. Mention Eurovision to Gemma and you will get a full history lesson of Eurovision throughout the years. She knows more about it than I do now!

My favourite memory of Gemma is probably when we were at Disneyland Paris last year. We were on Main Street USA about to start our Christmas shopping bonanza when suddenly, the street became incredibly bright. Bells were ringing and it slowly began to snow. I remember looking at her and we were both jumping up and down excitedly, filled to the brim with festive Disney joy. She always farted in my face during that same trip – now that if isn’t a sign of a true friendship then I don’t know what is!

Pictures of my friends Gemma and AmyA very sleepy Gemma on a super Sunday in Vodafone. Gemma and Amy in VIP before seeing Fifth Harmony live in the SSE Hydro.


Amy is also a fellow former Vodafone staffer although we never actually worked together. In fact, Amy was my replacement when I moved stores. I first met Amy at a Eurovision party at Gemma’s in 2013 and I didn’t actually want to like her. She did totally steal my job after all! But I remember thinking she was pretty cool and texting Gemma to say that Amy could officially join the gang. What I love about Amy is that she knows what she wants and she works hard for it. When she was saving for a house, she worked 24/7 between 2 jobs so she had the money to be able to furnish it the way she wanted. I really admire her for that. She inspires me to work hard for the things that I want to achieve. She’s also really great at giving advice and being there when you need her.

My favourite Amy memory is when we went to see the movie The Martian at Cineworld Silverburn. We were running a little late so when we entered the theatre, the lights were down. We couldn’t see where our pre-booked seats were so we just grabbed ones in the front row. But Amy couldn’t see her seat and was fumbling about in the dark. Then, 20-25 minutes into the film, Amy turns to me and says ‘oh I didn’t know this film was about Mars’. And that was me, a goner. I think I sat and silently shook with laughter in my seat for a good 10-15 minutes at this revelation.


Joanne and I have been friends since we were both about 16 years old. I had just started a weekend job at Littlewoods with Joanne joining the week after. We quickly became workplace buddies and had a laugh during our time there. Once the days of Littlewoods were over, we started going to gigs together. We’ve been to quite a few now – Girls Aloud, Sugababes and Rihanna to name a few. There was so much laughter and good times during our drives up to Glasgow and back for these gigs with our friend Carina. What I love about Joanne the most is that she is a truly great friend. What I love about Joanne the most is that she is a truly great friend. I only wish I could see her more but it’s testament to our friendship that we can make it work despite living in different parts of the country.

My favourite memory of Joanne was just before Christmas a few years ago. I had travelled back home to Dumfries for a few days to see everyone before the big day. Myself, Joanne and our friend Carina had agreed to meet for dinner at Cavens Arms. There was a little bit of a wait for a table so we decided to wait at the bar until our table was ready. There was some seating up against the wall so myself and Carina sat up against the wall and Joanne pulled a stool over to sit down opposite. But as she was lowering herself down onto the stool, another customer pulled it away not realising that it was taken. Seeing the realisation and shock in Joanne’s face as she fell to the floor is still in my mind and I’m crying with laughter as I write this. It was one of those moments where you know what’s about to happen but you can’t stop it. Carina and I are terrible friends for laughing but sometimes you just have to laugh!

Pictures of my friends Joanne and ShonaThat time Joanne face swapped with a Sky remote. Shona with her husband Steve at my wedding party.


Shona is the one I have been friends with the longest. We first met when were 5 years old at primary school and have been friends ever since. It wasn’t really until the latter half of high school though where we became really good friends outside of the classroom. We’d go to the cinema a lot, I think we saw nearly every movie that came to the cinema back home from 2003-2006. We have been through a lot together and while other friends in our circle have come and gone, our friendship stayed strong. What I love about Shona is that she is a very loyal and supportive friend that treats you like family. She has a family of her own now – 3 lovely kids but she still somehow manages to fit me into her life. A heart of gold.

My favourite memory of Shona was back in 2005. We had not long since finished high school and decided to go on holiday together. We booked to go to Paris for a few days in August. This was my first holiday going somewhere without my parents so I was both nervous and excited. We had a great time in Paris exploring all the sites (and of course Disneyland) even if we didn’t get along the entire time. One day, we had to find a store in order to collect our tickets for Disneyland. And after hours of searching, we could not find this store. We’d been on the metro, asking random people and then I saw a bus with Disney branding. It was a bit of a stressful day but one that we look back and laugh at now.


When I first met Stephen, we didn’t really get along. We also met in Vodafone and worked together for a short while. You know how it is – a new gay moving in on your territory. Being gay in Vodafone Silverburn was my thing! How we transition from frenemies to real life pals, I don’t actually remember. I think it just kind of happened. Stephen and I don’t always see eye to eye on things and I’m sure I drive him up the wall with my ranting over it. But it’s only because I care and worry about him. He deserves the best life possible – he’s more than earned it. And if that means me ranting at him from time to time then so be it. Sorry not sorry!

My favourite memory of Stephen is from January 2016. Myself, Gemma, Amy and Stephen had met up at Silverburn shopping centre for dinner and a movie to celebrate Gemma’s birthday. It was a Tuesday night so tickets were 2 for 1. We headed up to Cineworld and asked for 4 tickets to see ‘Star Wars:The Force Awakens’. We gave them our two discount codes, only for the staff member to say ‘okay so that is £52 please’. Silence. The 4 of us kind of just stood there in shock, trying to absorb this information. “W-w-w-w-hat? £52? You have the 2 codes right?” We all kind of nervously laughed but I remember Stephen being so shook by this ridiculous price that his voice went so high, dogs ears around the nation perked up at the sound. And after all that, Stephen doesn’t even like Star Wars!

Pictures of my friends in ParisBreaking a trampoline on the left and all of us freezing opposite the Eiffel Tower


Kylie is the most recent member of ‘The Mean Girls’, having paid the joining fee at the end of 2016. I first met Kylie through Gemma who suggested she do the catering for my wedding. Here’s the thing – Kylie is the best cook. Ever. So freaking good. The food she made for my wedding was incredible – I could actually do with some of it right now! It was a year or so later where I invited Kylie to my Christmas party and she joined the gang. Kylie is probably the strongest person I know. She’s had a really tough last couple of years but she’s stayed strong and soldiered on. I don’t know how she does it. Who doesn’t love a strong independent woman right?!

My favourite Kylie memory was from a dinner party at her house last year. I was always saying that I’ve never had steak before so she very kindly invited us all round to her house for steak. Food was delicious (obviously) and we then just hung out for a bit. How we got onto the conversation of boobs I do not know but the evening ended with Kylie chasing me around her house with her boobs out. Kylie can now proudly say that she is the first woman to have made boob contact with me. We also decided to have a shot of her trampoline, much to the dismay of her daughter who thought we were going to break it. It was great though to have all of us together just staring up at the stars.

Writing this blog was a lot of fun. There have been a lot of happy tears as I have written this and so many memories I could have gone with. I want to finish this blog by saying thank you to these guys for being my friend. I love them all and here’s to more happy memories through 2018 and beyond.

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