Mujigae Glasgow Review

K-Pop And Korean Food with Mujigae Glasgow

It’s not often that I am actually in Glasgow City Centre and have the opportunity to try all the unique food this wonderful city has to offer. So when you’re meeting some friends in the city to attend a drag show, it makes sense to have a catch up with some yummy food right? And what better way than at a Korean restaurant that supposedly plays non-stop K-Pop. Here’s my review of Mujigae Glasgow.

Situated on Miller Street, Mujigae is nestled away in the heart of Glasgow City Centre, just moments away from St Enoch Shopping Centre. Arriving at Mujigae, it wasn’t quite what I expected. I expected a big posh restaurant but it was a lot smaller and more chilled than that. We weren’t greeted by anyone when we entered but to be fair, we were not the first of our party to arrive so we just went straight to our friends who were already seated. Inside, the interior is pretty nice if a little run down looking in some places. Nothing a little spring clean couldn’t fix. The one thing that did cheapen the whole thing were the menus with some items covered in tip-ex. Surely it doesn’t cost much to reprint?

Inside the Mujigae Glasgow Restaurant

Once we had all arrived, it was time to order some food. We had some vouchers from Groupon which got us a starter and a main plus a drink for £11 which is pretty good right? This is from a limited selection menu but I thought it had quite good options for a discounted rate. First was the starter and I chose the SoKo Crispy Chicken. Chunks of chicken breast in breadcrumbs with a spicy sauce. Now, we all know that I am not one for spicy food at all. Me and spicy food don’t usually go but I thought I’d give it a go regardless. Let me tell you – it was very spicy. Spicy but delicious. I had to use my entire diet coke to cool myself down! It was really delicious though. The sauce made the chicken super juicy and full of flavour. I enjoyed it a lot.

SoKo Crispy Chicken Starter - Mujigae Glasgow

Then it was onto the main which for me was Chicken Teriyaki. I know, I know – it’s not exactly Korean but I had a craving for Teriyaki okay! I was a little disappointed with the Teriyaki if I’m honest. The chicken was a bit too chewy for me and was in big long chunks. I really could have done with a knife as the pieces were too big to eat in one go. I’m a pro with chopsticks too but with pieces of chicken like that, it wasn’t so easy to cut the meat down into more manageable bites. And there just wasn’t enough chicken or rice. I could have very easily had another one. If I were to return to Mujigae, I would absolutely try their SoKo BBQ. Some other customers were having this and I liked the idea of you cooking the meat yourself at your table. Pretty nifty right?! And it looked very tasty!

Chicken Teriyaki - Mujigae Glasgow

The main reason we decided on Mujigae for our pre-drag show meal was for the K-Pop. Now Mujigae doesn’t advertise itself as a K-Pop bar, but my friends had been before and told me that they played non-stop K-Pop videos for them during their visit. But when we asked for some K-Pop, we were met with a very puzzled waiter who had no idea what we were talking about. So it was a little disappointing as I was hoping to use this as an opportunity to inflict K-Pop on my friends. I will just have to show them the routine to Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet another time. There was some K-Pop being played over the radio but I didn’t recognise any of them until we were leaving! Cue me frantically doing the hand choreography to Twinkle by Girls’ Generation TTS as we exited the restaurant.

Would I return to Mujigae? Probably not. The food was decent but nothing to write home about. Service was friendly enough but again, I’ve had better elsewhere. It is a reasonably priced restaurant so if you are looking for some decent food at a good price then Mujigae is a good choice. For me though, it was the idea of having authentic Korean food with K-Pop in the background that got me excited. It’s a shame but I totally understand that their restaurant is not trying to appeal to Koreaboo’s like me. If you’re looking for some authentic Korean food in a relaxed environment however then Mujigae is a good place to go.

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