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A Month In Review – Things I Loved In January

Did January feel like the longest month to anyone else or was it just me? Those initial first weeks felt like an absolute eternity. But here we are, (finally) at the end of January 2018 and it’s time for my first ‘Things I Loved’ blog of 2018. At the start of the year, I decided to write these at the end of each month so I could chronicle my journey throughout 2018 and keep tabs on my progress my goals. So without further ado, here it is – ‘Things I Loved In January’.

Goals And Achievements

To be honest, January hasn’t been as productive as I hoped. As I’m sure you know, I am a massive fan of Christmas. As soon as it hits November 1st, I go into full on festive mode. And I’m always sad to see the festive season end but this year was different. I was proper mourning the end of Christmas and of 2017. That first week of January, I have never felt more depressed in my life. And this isn’t me being dramatic, I genuinely felt incredibly sad. That first week really SUCKED and while I’m better now, it definitely threw a spanner into the works. So February kind of feels like the proper start to 2018. Here’s hoping that’s a better month for my productivity.

Cinema Dates

Things I Loved in January - The Greatest Showman

As I mentioned back in my ‘Most Anticipated Movies of 2018‘ post (nice self promo Liam), I got myself an Odeon Unlimited Card for this year. And honestly, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought! I’ve been to the cinema nearly every weekend and enjoyed so many movies that I normally wouldn’t have gone to see. ‘The Greatest Showman’ is the prime example of this. The trailer looked good but it’s not the sort of movie I would have paid to see. And yet, I saw it with my bestie at the Odeon at Glasgow Quay and absolutely loved it! What a soundtrack! Then there was Coco (I’m a sucker for Pixar movies) as well as ‘Downsizing’ starring Matt Damon and Aardman Animations ‘Early Man’. And that was just January!

A New Writing Project

Along with continuing to promote Liam’s Life throughout 2018, I have a real passion for writing. One thing I’ve always wanted to do was to write stories. I’ve actually had an idea for a story in my head for over 10 years but finding the time to sit down and just write is the problem. I’ve written little bits here and there regarding the story but never really put pen to paper. I’m not quite in the headspace to focus on this just now but during one of my ‘spring cleaning weekends’, I did come across an old notebook full of poetry I had once written. This was poetry written from when I was about 14/15 until 20 and fully covers the concept of ‘teen angst’. So I’ve decided I’m going to turn it into a poetry book and self-publish on Amazon. Cause you know, why the hell not? I have about 100 poems to choose from so the plan is to pick the best 20/25 and write a small summary on the meaning behind the poem and what inspired it. More information coming soon!

Start Your Engines – Drag Race Is Back

Things I Loved in January - RuPaul's Drag Race Allstars 3

One of my favourite TV shows made it’s return this month – RuPaul’s Drag Race. But not just any old season, it was the debut of Allstars 3 where many of our favourite alumni from previous seasons return for a second shot of the crown. I have a ‘RuCap’ blog post incoming soon discussing my thoughts on this crop of Queens so please do keep an eye out for that. The return of RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars 3 was literally the only thing keeping me going through this month. That is the power of drag for you!

I’m pretty glad that January is now over. I’ve got enough distance from Christmas and New Year to no longer feel depressed and now finally look forward to the rest of 2018. How was your January?

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