5 Things to complete Splatoon 2 fresh

5 Things We Need To Keep Nintendo’s ‘Splatoon’ Fresh

Remember when Nintendo were accused of never making new IPs and then they practically reinvented the shooter genre with Splatoon? Fun times. Splatoon for Wii U went onto become one of the console’s biggest selling titles, selling more than both Super Mario Maker and The Legend of Zelda. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see a sequel make it’s way onto Nintendo Switch. But as much as I love Splatoon 2, it’s not all that different from the original. So what can Nintendo do to keep Splatoon fresh for future titles? Click through to find out what five things I think Nintendo can do to keep Splatoon fresh for a long time coming.

01. Improved Inkopolis

As much as I love Inkopolis, it does feel a little empty. You’ve got the shops for buying new gear and upgrading weapons but beyond that, there isn’t much to it. It would be good if there was more things to do in Inkopolis – challenges for some extra points, ways to chat or leave messages for your Inkling pals.

02. Improved Online Play

Splatoon 2

One thing that I really hate about Splatoon is that it refuses to let you choose what you want to play. I might not be in the mood for a Turf War but want to play Rainmaker but there is no way for me to choose that mode. It’s whatever is currently in cycle. It would be good if you could choose which mode you want to play and just let the maps be on rotation. It would also really help with making the game feel less bare if you had a list of all the modes available, kind of like the Star Wars Battlefront Interface.

03. New Modes

This is obviously a given when it comes to the next game. There are currently five different modes to choose from but we need a lot more if Nintendo want gamers to keep coming back for more. Again, I mention Star Wars Battlefront which has ten modes and each is very different from the next. I know it’s easier for Star Wars because it has a huge rich world to take inspiration from but Splatoon can diversity it’s gameplay too. Maybe a mode where the aim is to steal squid cargo from the other team?

04. Splatoon App

Splatoon 2

One thing I really liked about the Wii U title was the mini game you could play on the gamepad while you waited to join a match. An official Splatoon app where you could see your achievements, buy new gear and play some mini-games would be cool. Nintendo are investing in the mobile market and a Platoon app would be a great way to promote the main game.

05. Mini-Games

Splatoon has the potential to become as Mario Kart as a franchise. What about some mini-games to bulk up the game a little more? With the Switch being portable, it would really emphasise that pick up and play concept when you can play some mini games for 10-15 minutes before bed or on the train home.

Splatoon 2 has been available on Nintendo Switch for a while and it’s just as great if not better than the original. It takes everything that makes Nintendo so special and gives a tired genre a new lease of life. Here’s hoping that Nintendo continue adding this flair to future titles and keep the franchise going. Do you play Splatoon? What do you want to see in Splatoon 3? Let me know in the comments below.

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