Drink No Evil with Karma Cola

#DrinkNoEvil The Karma Cola Initiative

It’s actually crazy how much rubbish we put into our bodies without even realising. At the start of 2016, one of my goals was to eat better in the hopes of getting into better shape. It’s a work in progress but there is so much I have learned on my journey so far. One of those is the amount of chemicals and sugar included in most of today’s popular fizzy drinks. Chemicals that you cannot pronounce and ridiculous amounts of sugar which are adding to the UK’s growing obesity problem. So out went sugary drinks and replaced with water and zero sugar equivalents. But even then, diet varieties are still packed with chemicals that I don’t know what they are. That’s where Karma Cola comes in.

Karma Cola launched in the UK back in 2014 with a clear message – Drink No Evil. Gone are all the chemicals found in most soft drinks and in it’s place we have all natural fair trade ingredients that help benefit those who need it most. The lovely people at Karma Cola sent me their full range of drinks to try – the original Karma Cola, Lemony Lemonade and Ginger Ale. Each of them comes in a glass bottle with their own unique design and they are completely recyclable too. So into the fridge they went to chill and I kept them in the hopes of a gorgeous Summer’s day arriving soon.

Drink No Evil With Karma Cola

When that warm sunny day finally arrived (we get very few in Scotland), I got them out of the fridge, filled a glass with ice and tried each one while enjoying the sunshine. First up was the original Karma Cola. Made with cola nuts from the Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone, fair trade organic vanilla and cane sugar, Karma Cola tastes more like a ‘Dr.Pepper’ than a ‘Pepsi’. It didn’t have the sweetness of most cola beverages instead opting for a softer, slightly bitter taste. Maybe it’s because I drink diet soda now but it did take a little getting used to. I’m very conscious of the amount of diet cola that I drink due to the chemicals used but I am considering switching to Karma Cola. It’s not diet but if you’re having it as a treat every now and then, there’s no harm right?

Up next was the Lemony Lemonade which was by far my favourite. Made with organic lemon juice from Sicily, it was zingy and incredibly refreshing without being too sweet. Some lemonades can be very sugary and can make me feel quite bloated while others can taste a bit flat but Lemony Lemonade has the perfect mixture of both here. I didn’t feel like I was drinking a fizzy drink, it tasted much more natural and made me feel really refreshed. I will definitely be adding this one to my shopping list.

Drink No Evil With Karma Cola

The last drink was the Ginger Ale which I’m not a big fan of in general so I held off on this one until I had some friends round and we shared it. Despite not being a fan of Ginger Ale, I was pleasantly surprised by this one and my friends liked it too. It wasn’t too spicy when it first went down with the fiery kick hitting a little later on. Again, I’m not a big fan of ginger ale in general so it was never going to amaze me but I liked that it wasn’t too overpowering and spicy. Both of my friends enjoyed it too, noting that it wasn’t too spicy but had enough flavour to it.

Out of the three, Lemony Lemonade was by far the best tasting and had the coolest bottle design. The fact that all three are made with all natural ingredients that are fair trade too is a big plus in my book. We live in a world where corrupt corporations tend to do as they please. So how about we start supporting those who need it most – buy Karma Cola and help local communities around the world. I’m really glad that I got to try these out and would switch to these instead of diet if they were more easily available to buy. I like the idea of enjoying a chilled beverage knowing what’s going into my body and that the profits are going to helping those who need it instead of shareholders. Wouldn’t it be great if we helped support a small business that gives back to the community?

Karma Cola is available to buy in Waitrose and comes in both a glass bottle variety or 250ml cans. To find out more about Karma Cola and their ethos, click here.

This post contains PR samples, but all opinions are my own and unbiased.

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