6 Months with the Hyundai i10

6 Months With The Hyundai i10 | Review

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (which should be all of you cause I’m hilarious), you will have seen my numerous tweets about my driving experience. After years of saying I was going to learn, I finally did it and passed my test back in March. Passing the test is actually the easy bit – it’s finding the right car afterwards that is way more difficult. I spent hours pouring over car reviews and websites trying to find a car that had everything I needed and that was within my price range. Eventually, I settled on a 2017 Hyundai i10 in black who I have named Seouly (it came with a K-Pop referencing licence plate, it’s like it was made for me). I’ve now been on the road for six months and feel like now is the right time for me to talk about what I love and dislike about my little car. Cover your ears Seouly, you might not like everything that you hear.

I decided to go with the Hyundai i10 in the end because it was well priced, only had delivery mileage on it and had a lot of great features. I didn’t drive it home because motorway driving right away? Gurl bye. My husband is on the insurance so he kindly drove it home and was very patient with me when I would take him out on the road to practice. I’m now really comfortable driving it and it is a really good car to drive. I can take corners super smoothly, stopping and starting is a breeze and it’s generally a good experience when I’m behind the wheel. It’s also good at keeping wind noise out when you’re on the motorway. Perfect for ensuring I can hear my K-Pop when driving down to Dumfries to visit family.

Hyundai i10 ReviewI love the blue and black interior of my i10.

The gear stick sits quite far forward which I’m super happy with as it means I’m not feeling about for the gear stick. The steering wheel is covered in buttons allowing you to control everything from cruise control to making phone calls from without having to take your hands off the wheel. That was what I really wanted and it’s so convenient. There are still a lot of buttons that I don’t know what they do but I know the essentials. I’ll figure them out eventually. It’s also quite a cheap car to drive. It usually costs me about £30 to fill the tank and that lasts me about 3 weeks.

One of the big draws of the Hyundai i10 was the interior. It’s blue y’all! I really like the two-tone mix of colours with the sort of metallic blue and grey. I think it gives the interior real character and honestly, it’s super cute. You can get it different colours but the blue is definitely the best. It’s very cool. There’s plenty of space in the car for both front and back seat passengers and a really big boot. Perfect size for when I’m travelling with my dogs in the car (*hint hint hubby*).

And then there is the entertainment. It comes with a radio obviously and you can connect up your phone and play music from that either using a USB cable or via Bluetooth. If you play it via Bluetooth however you can’t get it that loud. You can only really get your music blaring via USB. Probably best to plug in so that you don’t waste battery. You can skip tracks and control the volume from buttons on your steering wheel too so no need for twirling dials trying to find the song you want.

Hyundai i10 ReviewA spacious boot to carry all my Christmas presents!

There are some things that I don’t like about my car however that I’ll need to watch for the next time I’m in the market for a car. Firstly, it’s quite a light car and it sits quite low which means that it can get a little bumpy on rough roads. This doesn’t bother me much when city driving but it’s a little unnerving on the motorway. There is part of the M74 which is quite bumpy and I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster. The i10 also has quite big pillars which block a good portion of your view. It is something I am quite conscious of especially on roundabouts as it blocks a good portion of the road to your right.

The other issue I’ve had with my car and it could just be me but I feel like the biting point for the car is quite high. I was taught in a diesel car where you really feel the biting point. With the i10 being a 1 litre petrol engine, the biting point is very light and I feel like I have to lift my clutch up quite high even on flat surfaces. I often over rev my car when setting off so that I don’t stall. I stalled constantly for the first few weeks with the car and it knocked my confidence quite a bit. It’s certainly something I will get them to look at when it goes for it’s first annual service.

Hyundai i10 ReviewAfter my first drive to Braehead.

Speaking of servicing, Hyundai has one of the best support deals with their cars. 5 year unlimited mileage warranty with AA Roadside Assist included. I did have an issue with my car quite early on with the handbrake light coming on my dashboard intermittently. The Roadside Assist people were great. When it happened again however, I had to book it into a Hyundai garage to get it sorted. The service there wasn’t so good. They initially told me that they couldn’t find a fault but were miraculously able to find it when I complained. A faulty brake fluid sensor needed replaced which meant my car was in the garage for over 24 hours. When I went to collect it, I was given the keys to someone else’s car and then had to wait while they went to go find my car. It wasn’t the best experience but I am hoping that was a one-off at that particular garage.

In all, the Hyundai i10 is probably one of the best cars you can get when you’re starting out on the road. It’s easy to drive, easy to control, well priced and comes with great after sales support. The issues I’ve had are niggles that I know to look for now that I know more about cars. I am quite happy to stick with Seouly for the next couple of years and I would definitely consider another Hyundai in the future – one that’s just a little less bumpy on the road.

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