How I'm Reducing My Carbon Footprint

How I’m Reducing My Carbon Footprint.

As we approach the start of March, there are two things that I think of. One – that it’s been a year since Nintendo released the Switch worldwide. And two – it’s been a year since I passed my driving test. Over these last 12 months, I’ve learned a lot about cars and have become really comfortable on the road. I love my little Hyundai, it’s been a great little car for me so far. But I really wish it was an electric car or at least a hybrid. After watching Blue Panet, I’ve become very conscious of my carbon footprint. I’ve been making changes to my life to try and lower it but my car is my biggest contributor. So when the team over at NewMotion contacted me about collaborating on a post, I thought this would be a great opportunity to show you guys what I’ve been dong to try and live a more sustainable life.

Toot Toot! A Car Upgrade

As much as I would love to, I can’t justify getting a new car right now. My little Hyundai i10 is only just a year old. But I do enjoy looking at cars and dream of the ones I wish I could afford to have. When I passed, I really wanted to get an electric car because they are better for the environment. And now that I’m super confident on the road, I’d really love to travel around Europe on the road. And now with over 50,000 NewMotion Chargepoint appearing all across Europe, that would be so cool. I’m desperate to visit Northern Italy after recently watching the movie ‘Call Me By Your Name’.

Recycle Recycle Recycle

Looking back, I’ve actually been a bit of a hypocrite. I’ve always promoted the ideals of recycling but then never actually did it myself. How bad is that?! My husband and I live in an area where we have recycle collections every 2 weeks so we make sure now that we recycle as much as we can. And I’m actually surprised by what can be recycled. For example – if you take the label and lid off a bottle of cola, the bottle can be recycled. It’s all about checking the labels. You could also check out the Waste Management website on what can and cannot be recycled. You’ll be surprised.

Become a Conscious Shopper

There was an article recently in the news (link here) which made me really mad. A man was so inspired after watching Blue Planet that he took his own containers to Tesco to buy meat. And they wouldn’t let him. He had to take it in non-recyclable plastic. I understand where Tesco is coming from in terms of hygiene but retail companies need to be doing more to cut down on waste. Now, when I go to the supermarket, I try to consciously shop and only buy products where the packaging can be recycled. So maybe when you’re looking at buying your easter eggs this year, buy the ones that don’t come in the big boxes? Maybe buy me an egg too while you’re at it.

These are some of the steps that I’ve been taking to try and reduce my carbon footprint. Maybe a lottery win will come sometime soon and I can buy that super awesome electric car and reduce my footprint even further. If we all make changes to how we live and put pressure on the big corporations to cut down on pollution, our world would be a better place for it.

This post was sponsored by NewMotion. All views are as always, my own.


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