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Graceful Explosion Machine | Review

posted by Liam McNally April 25, 2017
Graceful Explosion Machine Review

With ‘The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ now complete, I was on the lookout for a new game. Something that wasn’t overly complex, something easy to pick up and play and something fun. Say hello to ‘Graceful Explosion Machine’, an addictive 2D side scroller with tons of potential.

Graceful Explosion Machine has you control a small spaceship armed with an array of powerful weapons at your disposal as you face literal thousands of alien enemies. The game is set across 4 alien worlds each offering 9 stages of 2D side scrolling madness. There is no real story here but a game like this doesn’t need one, it’s a simple pick up and play style game which plays to the games strengths.

Graceful Explosion Machine Review

Graceful Explosion Machine Review

The game begins on Maengtos Prime, a bright pink world with the first 3 levels acting as tutorials. 3 levels is probably a bit much as getting the gist of the controls and your weapons is so easy. Your 4 weapons are all registered against the A,B,X,Y controls with ZL allowing you to flip between facing left and right. That’s it. I picked it up instantly which really aids into the games pick up and play appeal.

The weapons themselves are all uniquely different from each other and allow you to diversify up how you play. This isn’t a simple just hold down the fire button and hope you survive, you’ve got to be quick on your feet to survive. You will use the blaster most often as it has the longest use before it requires a cool down. The missiles power up is handy for thinning out the crowd while the energy sword is a good defence if you are surrounded. The final weapon is the sniper beam which is best used for stronger enemies. It’s a great array of weapons and you will make good use of all of them. Just watch as they all have cool downs.

Graphically, the game is very simple – vibrant but simple. Big bright worlds, colourful aliens and explosions of purple and orange when they blow up. Speaking of the explosions, the game makes fantastic use of the Nintendo Switches HD rumble feature. The bigger the explosion, the bigger the rumble you feel. You really do feel the impact of the bigger explosions. It’s a neat feature.

Graceful Explosion Machine Review

The best way to describe Graceful Explosion Machine would be to call it the Space Invaders of modern gaming. Developers Vertexpop have created a game that has the same addictive energy as the iconic space shooter. I’ve only had the game for a couple of days but I’ve been constantly picking up my Switch and having another go at beating my last score. I would have liked some more diversity in the level design but there’s enough there to keep me coming back for more. Good job Vertexpop.

Graceful Explosion Machine is available to buy now on Nintendo Switch.

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