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Five Things We Need From The Girls’ Generation Comeback

It’s been a very long time since we last had new music from the world’s biggest girl group – Girls’ Generation. Two years to be exact. Since the release of their fifth studio album ‘Lion Heart’ in Summer 2015, the members of GG have been busy with individual activities. But as August slowly approaches, an important date in the Girls’ Generation calendar beckons – their tenth anniversary. Yes, at the beginning of August, Girls’ Generation will celebrate ten years in the business. Quite a feat for a girl group not just in Asia but globally. Rumours are that the girls will be making a comeback around this date to celebrate but what can we expect? Here are the five things I need Girls’ Generation to give us this year.

01. New Studio Album

It’s been two years since we’ve had new music from Girls’ Generation. That’s an incredibly long time in the world of K-Pop. No single albums, no EPs, it needs to be a full studio album with twelve tracks minimum. And I need it to be a coherent but still eclectic mix of tracks that showcase the best of Girls’ Generation. If they could get out another album with the same quality as their 1st Japanese album then I would be very happy. And then there needs to be a repackage album the following month with a handful of new tracks. We haven’t had a repackage album from them since The Boys back in 2011.

02. Multiple Singles

I still think it’s weird that most Korean acts release one single from an album and then just stop promoting. Keep pushing your music! One thing I really enjoyed about their last comeback was the multiple singles that were promoted. First came ‘Party’ shortly followed by ‘Lion Heart’ and ‘You Think’. I need something like this again. It was great seeing the girls go in completely different directions both sonically and visually with each release. Maybe give us four videos this time? Pretty please?

03. Greatest Hits Collection

I know that Greatest Hits or Singles collections don’t really carry the same weight now as they used to years ago due to the effects of digital downloading. But that said, Girls’ Generation have a really strong core fanbase and I reckon they would love to have a full comprehensive Greatest Hits package containing all their hits – Korean and Japanese. They could go all out with a fully commemorative release with tons of merchandise packed with the album. I can see it now and it would be AMAZING.

Girls' Generation Comeback - What To Expect

04. Sub Unit Activities

We’ve had three TTS albums and I would be happy to see them back promoting as part of anniversary celebrations. But what fans have been asking for for years has been SHY. SooYoung, HyoYeon and Yuri would make an incredible sub-unit. They performed ‘Push It’ on their last tour but it would be really cool to see them perform as an unit on comeback stages. Sunny and YoonA could team up too. Celebrate each of the members of Girls’ Generation and their talents.

05. A World Tour

Time and time again, SM Entertainment have announced a huge tour only for it to not leave Asia. I think it’s been shown more than once now that K-Pop is very popular outside of Asia and Girls’ Generation could easily sell out venues across Europe and the Americas. Not an extensive world tour but four/five venues across Europe and the same across the US & Canada? I would fly to anywhere in Europe to see them. Let’s make it happen SM, show some love for international GG fans!

The Future beyond 10 Years

The big question that is on every fans lips is what happens after that? K-Pop acts are notorious for splitting up and Girls’ Generation have mostly bucked this trend (Jessica left in 2014). Their contracts with SM Entertainment are up this year – will they all renew and continue to release music together periodically? The days of 2/3 comebacks a year are long gone but I’m sure as fans, we would be happy with new music every now and then? That’s my hope for them but whatever they choose to do, I will support each and every one of them in whatever they do.

Are you excited for the Girls’ Generation comeback? Let me know what you want to see in their comeback and as always, thanks for reading!

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