Fitness Fails and Facebook Fatigue - A life update

Fitness Fails and Facebook Fatigue – A 2018 Life Update

It’s kind of blown my mind that April is almost here and therefore a quarter of 2018 has passed. It somehow manages to have felt like it’s been a long few months but also gone by in a flash. Weird huh? Anyway, I’m sure you’ll remember that at the start of 2018 I blogged about what my goals were for the year ahead (and if not, here’s a link). And since we’re now a quarter of a way through 2018, I thought I’d give a little update on how my year has been so far. So why not grab a snack as it’s a long one!

As is pretty much customary for everyone when we start a new year, we all set goals and list the things we want to achieve throughout the year. For me, I had a few things I wanted to focus on in 2018 but there was one in particular I wanted to focus on – my fitness. Fitness, healthy eating and getting into shape has been something that has been a struggle for me for years. And 2018 was going to be the year where that all changed. So how has it gone so far this year? Well let me answer that by saying that I’m currently eating a Twirl as I write this.

Pictures of the snow we had for several days in FebruaryAll the snow we had a few weeks ago certainly didn’t help me keep motivated to go to the gym.

I am one of those people that it’s either all in or not at all. If I start off a week well then I will be completely focused for the rest of the week to be the same. But if I stumble early on, I give up for that week with the promise of doing better the following week. January was a particularly bad start to my new fitness focus. I was incredibly depressed and felt really low that I was back to work and the magic of Christmas was over for another year. The post Xmas blues were real folks. Things were better by the time February finally arrived but it’s only been the last 3-4 weeks where I feel like I’m finding my groove. My focus is there when I train with my personal trainer Mike but it’s definitely harder to keep the focus when you’re on your own. So while my fitness and healthy eating is not where I hoped it would be by this point, I do feel hopeful that I’ll get there by Summer. I want abs dammit!

After my period of doom and gloom in January, one of my focuses this year has been my mental health. I don’t want to ever feel like I did back then again so I’ve been making steps on how to reinforce positivity in my life. For example, I always used to think negatively towards my fitness. ‘Another 20 minutes to go on this treadmill! FML’ has now become ‘I’ve got 20 minutes left to hit this target, let’s do this’. It’s amazing how changing your perspective can have such a positive impact. I’m now working on applying this mentality to every aspect of my life.

Picture of food from Kcal Kitchen in Glasgow and a stand from The Body ShopI attended a blogger event at The Body Shop and enjoyed some food in Kcal Kitchen too.

This has meant some changes to my life on the internet. I’ve been an avid social media user since I was a teenager. I was on Twitter way before it was cool and would spend hours of my teenage years changing my Bebo page (lol). But social media has become quite the toxic place and it’s not the healthiest place to be for someone like me who suffers from both body and self esteem issues. Recently, I took a social media break due to some toxic friendships that had burned me out quite a bit. And it did the world of good. My husband Steven took control of my social accounts for a week and it was amazing how much free time I had! Read a book? I’ve got time to get a few chapters in. Looking for new blogs to read? I’ve got time to read and even comment on them! While I may be back online now, I’ve decided to keep social media apps off my phone so I don’t fall back into the habit of constantly checking them. I would recommend that everyone try this – there really is more to life than the internet. Oh and never let anyone treat you badly, no matter who they are.

Another one of my goals this year was to improve my skillset. I’ve been working in the IT industry for years and I’m now wanting to learn new things. Unfortunately, this is something that’s taken a bit of a backseat due to unforeseen circumstances. And when I mean unforeseen circumstances, I mean my blog got hacked and it took ages to get fixed. It’s still not quite right and so my current project is to rebuild a new look for Liam’s Life. I’m hoping to have it ready by the Summer but my good friend RSI has returned in my hands so I’m also having to limit my time on computers for now.

Pictures of my dog Radley and my cat OlgaA picture of my dog Radley and my cat Olga, just cause.

I always wanted to improve my skillset (including learning to speak French) because Steven and I have been discussing emigrating to Canada. Whether that is going to happen or not, I don’t know. There is so much to consider – mainly my family and friends. Not being able to see my nephew and nieces grow up would be weird, not being able to see my dog Radley etc. And then there’s the fact that I want to see more of the world. Would we be able to still afford travel if we lived in Canada? Scotland may not be the best place to live but if it means I can afford a comfortable life and get to visit tons of different countries – it can’t be that bad right? Steven likes the idea of moving when we’re older but I feel like I’d rather go when I’m still young and pretty. If we had the money to know we’d have a lovely house and have the same lifestyle we do there, I don’t think we’d hesitate. But I think we’d both hate it if we went and then were living somewhere really horrible with very little money. If you know me then you know I like my comforts. I do my food shopping in Marks and Spencer after all. Operation Toronto is still on the table but at the moment, it’s not a priority. Something we’ll come back to discuss at a later date.

This has been a bit of a ramble hasn’t it and I haven’t even covered everything. Starting my own little business, my writing etc but truth be told, I have nothing to report on them. My mind has been so frazzled that I honestly keep forgetting about things. I really need to start writing things down so I don’t forget. I blame getting old. The beginning of any year is never my favourite so hopefully now that we’re well into 2018, things will pick up for me. There is so much to look forward to which I’m sure you’ll hear all about in upcoming blogs. Thanks for reading!

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