Getting into the right mindset for fitness

My Fitness Diary #1: Getting Into The Right Mindset

I’ve been going to the gym on and off for years. I would go for about a month, do nothing but run on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day, eat pizza and moan about not getting into shape. Last year, I was so fed up with the constant stalling that I made the decision to hire a personal trainer. I’ve now been seeing my trainer Mike for a year and while I’ve seen some changes, it’s not been as much as I had hoped. And it’s my fault too for not staying focused.

Now that we’re into a new year, it’s time for all that ‘New Year, New Me’ nonsense to take hold. For me, it’s back to ‘New Year, Same Me’ of trying to get myself into a shape I’m happy with. One of my goals is to make exercising and getting fit fun. It’s not easy forcing yourself onto a treadmill for 30 minutes a day if you hate absolutely every minute of it. So when SkateHut got in touch about collaborating, I thought it was the perfect chance to bring some fun to my fitness plan. Click through to find out how.

For me, getting into the right mindset for the gym is the hardest. It’s all very well coming up with a routine in paper but sticking to it is the real challenge. My goal this year was to go 4 times a week with a good mixture of cardio and resistance training. So far, I’ve managed 3 days a week. It’s not bad but could be better. The issue is that when I’m going, I’m just not feeling it. I’m counting down until the minutes until it’s all over so I can go home and cry into my low carb food. I just don’t have the right mindset to stay focused and push myself at the moment.

So I’ve been thinking of ways to make gym fun and get into that right mindset. And I’ve found two ways to do that – good food that’s healthy and tastes great and shopping for cool gym wear. The food stuff isn’t going so good but for the gym wear, that’s where Skatehut comes in. All my gym stuff is really boring – boring trainers, boring black shorts, boring black bag. Boring boring boring. And while I’m happy to stick with the black shorts as they’re slimming and hide the sweat (yuck!), a cool bag would brighten up my day. The range of backpacks on offer from Skatehut is amazing, they have a huge range of styles and colours! They even have animal bags! I’m a big kid so I totally would buy one of those. The gym routine might not be going so well but I’m happy to give my wallet a workout at Skatehut! You can check out their range of bags by clicking here.

As for food that’s healthy and tastes good, that’s been a little harder. I have a set food plan every day but this does rely on me being a competent cook. I’m a terrible cook. I somehow manage to cook food that is both burnt and undercooked. So I’ve been on the lookout for healthy meals that are quick and easy to make. I think I’ve found something in the new book from Tom Daley. The recipes look good and look relatively easy to make. I’m going to give a couple of these recipes a go over the weekend so check out my social media for updates!

And that’s my first ‘Fitness Diary’ post for the year. I had hoped that I would have done better but I’m trying not to beat myself up about it. It’s not going to accomplish anything. Stay tuned for my February diary where I’m obviously going to become a gym guru with a 6 pack!

This post was written in collaboration with SkateHut.

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