My Favourite Playstation Games

Celebrating Over 20 Years Of Playstation – My Favourite Playstation Games

With Christmas fast approaching, usually we’re all spending our money buying presents for our loved ones. But not me. I decided to treat myself to a brand new Playstation 4 Pro last week. Cause you know, why the hell not?! I’ve had a really fantastic 2017 and I’ve worked hard so I deserve this. And while I stood in the queue at Smyths Toys waiting to buy my new console, it got me thinking about my history with Playstation and all the games I’ve played over the years. Can you believe it’s been 22 years since the very first Playstation launched in the UK?! That’s nuts! The original Playstation is still their best console and the only console that rivalled Nintendo in terms of game quality. It really was the golden era for platformer games. So I thought I’d take a walk down memory lane on the blog this week and reminisce over my favourite Playstation games.

01. Rayman

Rayman was the very first game I ever played on Playstation. It was a Thursday and I had been at my grans for dinner. And when I got home, my papa was there and so was a brand new Playstation. I can still hear the Playstation music when you switched it on for the first time. I quickly became obsessed with Rayman. I loved the colourful worlds and spent hours trying to free all the electoons. I loved how all diverse the worlds were and the gameplay was really varied. Tot his day though, I’ve never completed this game. It was fun but very hard! I could never get past The Cave of Skops world. I need to go back and finally complete this!

02. Spyro The Dragon Trilogy

The Spyro the Dragon trilogy is not only the best games on any Playstation but one of the best platformers ever made. I absolutely friggin love these games and replay them regularly. I absolutely love games that have hub worlds that you can explore and the ones in the Spyro games are some of the best. I loved the first game for finding all the dragon statues and the Magic Crafters world. We didn’t have a Playstation Memory Card at the time so I used to have to play this whole game in the one sitting! The 2nd game in the series ‘Gateway To Glimmer’ is my favourite though. It had more varied gameplay and the worlds were really colourful and well designed. The third title ‘Year of the Dragon’ is really fun too although I wasn’t so keen on the sections where you controlled other characters. One thing I would LOVE to see if a full HD remaster of these games like what they did with Crash Bandicoot. Speaking of Crash Bandicoot…

03. Crash Bandicoot

I have played the Crash Bandicoot remaster on Playstation 4 and was it always that difficult?! Bloody hell, it’s soooooo hard! I only ever played the first Crash and even then, it was on my cousins Playstation. I liked that it was a different style of platformer from the other games on this list with you following Crash from behind opposed to a 2D side scroller. While the game was challenging, it was still always fun and the completionist in me loved making sure I destroyed all the boxes in each level so I got that 100% score at the end.

04. Croc:Legend of the Gobbos

This is another game that I never completed (at least not that I can remember). Probably the most cutesy of all the games on Playstation, I loved Croc for all the collectibles. Whether it was locating and freeing all of the Gobbos or collecting all of the gems, it was a lot of fun. It still surprises me that this was originally pitched to Nintendo with Yoshi as the main character as it’s style just seems so un-Nintendo. I loved exploring each of the homeworlds but the snow world was my favourite. Snow worlds are the best!

05. Kula World

I never actually owned this game. I only got to play a few levels that were included on a demo disc (remember them?). But it was enough to get me addicted and I used to play the demo over and over again. It was such a simple game, controlling a beach ball to collect coins and fruit before time runs out. So simple yet so fun! They should release it for iOS.

There were quite a lot of games that I considered for this list – Pandemonium, Wipeout and Mortal Kombat to name a few. But the ones I picked are for me the best of the best. What are your favourite Playstation games? Let me know in the comments below and as always, thanks for reading.

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