My Favourite Halloween Movies

My Favourite Halloween Movies

With Halloween now fast approaching, I am really getting myself into the mood and watching lots of horror stuff on TV. Whether it is on Netflix, Amazon Prime or on DVD, there are tons of great horror movies and television shows to check out. So this week on the blog, I thought I’d share my favourite Halloween movies.

01. Hocus Pocus

Favourite Halloween Movies - Hocus PocusCopyright © Disney

Can you believe that this film is 25 years old! TWENTY FIVE! I remember seeing this on television and my parents taping it for us on VHS. My brother and I would then watch it constantly. I love Hocus Pocus because it’s just so camp and silly and that’s what makes it so great. Better Midler is an absolute star as the wicked Winifred Sanderson with Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy both brilliant as the less than competent sisters. Although what sort of school has an incinerator in it?

02. Scream 1-4

Favourite Halloween Movies - ScreamCopyright © Dimension Films

My parents let me and my brother watch Scream on TV when we first got Sky TV. That scene where you see Drew Barrymore’s body hanging from the tree will always stick with me. The first movie is great but the 2nd one is my favourite. It’s a much stronger story, I love the chemistry between Gail and Dewey and the set pieces are really good. Scream 3 is more comedy than scary but it’s still fun to watch. Scream 4 is the weakest one but it’s still fun and underrated by the masses. It actually touched upon a really interesting topic on how far will people go to become famous. We will definitely be watching at least one of these.

03. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Favourite Halloween Movies - I know what you did last summerCopyright © Columbia Pictures

I Know What You Did Last Summer was the ‘it’s like Scream but not as good’ movie of the 90’s. But it does star Sarah Michelle Gellar so props for that. I enjoy this movie up until Sarah’s character is killed and then it becomes a bit too generic. The entire Sarah Michelle Gellar act is the best part of the movie – her running to her families shop, her sister being murdered and Sarah’s escape only to get murdered when she thinks she’s made it to safety. So good!

04. The Grudge

Favourite Halloween Movies - The GrudgeCopyright © Columbia Pictures

I remember going to see this at the cinema in Carlisle with my brother and his then girlfriend. We all came home absolutely crapping ourselves. Starring my fave Sarah Michelle Gellar and set in Japan a.k.a the best country in the world, so it ticks all the boxes for me from the get go. The story is a little muddled at times but the scares are there (and some questionable CG). I enjoyed it. Maybe just avoid the sequels.

05. Fright Night

Favourite Halloween Movies - Fright NightCopyright © Walt Disney

A remake of the 1985 horror, Fright Night stars the late Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell David Tennant and Toni Collette. When Chalrey (Yeltsin) learns that his new neighbour Peter (Farrell) is a vampire, he enlists the help of Las Vegas magician Peter Vincent (Tennant) to put an end to the vampire before he kills them all. Honestly, it’s a lot better than it sounds. It’s such a good movie, I actively found myself on the edge of my seat! I haven’t watched this in ages so I’ll definitely be watching this at some point.

What are your favourite Halloween movies?


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