My Favourite GameCube games

My Favourite GameCube Games

Oh how I loved that little purple box of joy. I can remember the day that I got my Nintendo GameCube. My parents took me to the Metro Centre in Newcastle and they promised to buy me it if I tried on holiday clothes. I remember going into the Virgin Megastore with my dad and getting the console with 2 games for the fantastic price of £150. You don’t get those sort of prices now do you!?

With E3 mere weeks away, I’ve been thinking a lot about games I’d like to see announced and it got me thinking about GameCube franchises and the games I loved. So here it is – my favourite GameCube games ever!

01. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II

Best Gamecube Games Ever

This was the first game I played on the GameCube. I absolutely loved the original game on the N64 and Rogue Leader takes everything that made that game so amazing and builds on it. Being able to pilot X-Wings and B-Wings while taking down Star Destroyers and AT-ATs is such a surreal experience for a Star Wars fan like me. To this day, it’s still the best Star Wars game.

02. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Best Gamecube Games Ever

I also got this with my GameCube at launch but only because Luigi’s Mansion was sold out. It was the first Sonic game I had played since the Master System games and I loved it! That first level with Sonic speeding down the streets of the city with that rock-pop music was such a moment. I really liked the Rouge/Knuckles scavenger levels although I was never able to beat the final boss. I think I’ll need to go back to this one.

03. Luigi’s Mansion

Best Gamecube Games Ever

With Mario always the star, it was great to finally have a game where Luigi is the star. It was also great that it wasn’t just a Mario game with a Luigi skin on top. It’s a totally different style of game for the franchise. The graphics still hold up well today and the Poltergust 3000 is a really cool idea.

04. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Best Gamecube Games Ever

I bought this second hand from a video game shop in Carlisle one Saturday. I hadn’t played the first one (and I still haven’t) so this title was my first taste of the Metroid franchise. I’m not that keen on first persons shooters because of the violence but I like Metroid for it’s sci-fi elements. I really liked the light/dark concept. I was raging when a glitch in the game near the end of the game forced me to restart the entire game. Thank goodness we have game patches nowadays.

05. Super Mario Sunshine

Best Gamecube Games Ever

Of all the Super Mario titles, Sunshine is definitely my least favourite but it just goes to show the calibre of Mario titles that this is still an AAA title. While Luigi has his Poltergust, Mario had the FLUDD which fired out water to clear all the paint across Isle Delfino. It’s such a stunning game and the water effects are still as beautiful now as they were back then.

There are loads of other games on the GameCube that I considered for this list – Star Fox Adventures, Timesplitters 2 and Pikmin to name a few. The GameCube is one of THE most underrated video games consoles ever! If you’ve never played one, go and buy one on eBay right now. You won’t regret it.

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