My Favourite Eurovision Songs Ever

posted by Liam McNally May 5, 2017

With Eurovision 2017 only a few days away, the excitement for this years contest is building. Every year, my friends and I usually get together at one of our houses, order take out and watch the competition together. We will have score cards where we can write feedback on each performance and then choose who we would give our points to – all the way from 1 through to 12. Sadly this year, we won’t be having our annual shindig as most of us will be away on holiday. I myself will just be back from my holiday in Canada just in time for the competition. But this isn’t stopping me from getting excited over this years competition. With Russia already out and all the songs selected, I am so ready for another night of ridiculous European pop (plus Australia). To celebrate the return of the world’s greatest singing competition, here are my picks for the best Eurovision songs ever!


Loreen – Euphoria

Loreen was more than just another Eurovision winner. She changed Eurovision. When Loreen won the title back in 2012 with her dance track ‘Euphoria’, she showed the world that good pop music can win! For years, Eurovision has been ridiculed for being cheesy and not representing true music but Loreen showed that that’s not the case. Ever since her win, more commercial and chart friendly songs have been entering the competition and doing very well. Eurovision changed for the better and Euphoria is still as much a bop today as it was then.


Poli Genova – If Love Was A Crime

When it comes to Eurovision, there are still a handful of countries who do the absolute most with their entries into the competition. Bulgaria is usually one of them but their 2016 entry shook everything up. ‘If Love Was A Crime’ is the very definition of catchy bop. I never heard the song until the night of the competition and I was completed wowed by how catchy the song was and Poli’s stage presence. At the time, I was backing Australia’s Dami Im for the win but looking back, Poli was the true winner of Eurovision 2016.


Precious – Say It Again

This one might be a little niche for some of you. Representing the United Kingdom back in 1999, Precious were a five piece girl group that were very underrated. ‘Say It Again’ is a slice of pop perfection with it’s glitzy production and great melody. It finished in 12th place that year which is one of the best positions the UK has had in a long time. Seriously underrated.


Monika Linkyte & Vaidas Baumila – This Time

The Lithuanian entry in 2015, I absolutely love this song. It takes the sound from acts like Mumford and Sons and makes it FUN. It’s bouncing with energy and optimism and the harmonies between Monika and Vaidas are just stunning. Their performance on the night was definitely my favourite on the night. It deserved much more than 19th place.


Gina G – Just A Little Bit

Oh come on, as if this wasn’t going to be in this list. It’s a Eurovision classic. This is the song that got me into Eurovision. I can remember sitting in my living room with my parents back in 1996 and anxiously waiting for Gina G to perform. This song is so iconic that it still shocks me that it didn’t win. It shocks me even more that it finished seventh! Seventh! Pop injustice!

Eurovision has given us a lot of fantastic music over the years. The show really does deserve a lot more credit and a lot less ridicule. Here’s hoping we’ll get more great pop music with this years contest. What are your favourite Eurovision songs? Let me know in the comments below.

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