Election 2017

Election 2017 – Who I’m Voting For

I don’t know about you guys but I feel like all we ever do these days is bloody vote. Scottish Independence Referendum. 2015 General Election. Holyrood Election. EU Referendum. Council Elections and now another General Election. Democracy is important but does it need to be this often? Regardless, we have another election on June 8th and it’s so incredibly important to exercise your right to vote. You have absolutely no right to moan about the state of our country if you do not use your voice and vote. With another Westminster election so soon, I have decided to put my thoughts about who I’m voting for and why into a blog post in the hopes that it will perhaps help people who are undecided.

Being Scottish, politics is a little different up here. Obviously we have the Scottish National Party as well as Scottish versions of Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Greens. There isn’t much difference in policy between the Scottish and UK versions of the parties while the SNP do not have an English counterpart. I will try my best to cater this blog to an UK audience.

For me at this election, it is between voting for the SNP or Labour. At the last election, I voted for the SNP and Mhairi Black. I found Mhairi to be a breath of fresh air – she’s charismatic, principled and relatable. That being said, I don’t feel like the SNP’s message of holding the Conservatives to account holds the same weight a second time. When the maximum number of MPs they could have is 59 – it’s nowhere near enough for them to have any real power in Westminster.

For most, it always comes back to the question of independence. I voted for Scottish independence in 2014 and even I am sick of hearing about it. Do I back a second vote? Yes. I think that with Scotland voting to remain in the European Union, we should have a choice of being independent in the EU or remaining part of the UK that is outside the EU. I think that’s fair. I just don’t want to hear about it every single day for the next few years. A short and swift 2nd independence referendum is what is needed where we can finally put that constitutional question to bed. I’m planning to emigrate anyway so it’s not that big of a deal to me anymore.

The biggest issue for me and what is putting me off voting for the SNP is how do we stop Theresa May from becoming Prime Minister? I absolutely loathe her and her party with every fibre of my body. I cannot stand what they stand for. They have run the UK into the ground by pandering to the likes of UKIP with policies which help nobody but themselves. Voting to leave the EU is a huge mistake which I think we will regret for a very long time. So how do we stop Theresa May from winning? And that is to vote tactically.

Look at who won your constituency on Wikipedia and how big the margin was. If the Conservatives won, vote for the party that came in second and strengthen their vote. If the Tories were in 2nd, vote for the winning MP to ensure they don’t lost it to the Conservatives. Just do not let the Conservatives win.

I’m sure some of you will be reading this and wondering why I’m so against the Conservative party. Where do I begin? Theresa May and her band of cronies are only interested in looking after number 1 – themselves. They cut tax for huge corporations while refusing to say that they won’t increase income tax. So big international companies save money while we may possibly have to pay more? That’s not helping the everyday person. And then there is the fact that Theresa May has backtracked on most of her manifesto. There’s nothing strong and stable about all these U-turns. She’s a weak leader and her party are going to rip this country apart. If the Conservatives win, I would fully support Scotland becoming independent. We need a new direction for this country and we’re never going to get that under Tory rule.

That just leaves Jeremy Corbyn as the only other option as Prime Minister. The Labour party are the only part that can really defeat Theresa May to Downing Street. I like Corbyn. I think he is a very principled man who cannot be bought or manipulated. I think that’s why the media are so against him. I didn’t think Labour had a chance of winning until they released their manifesto. Their manifesto has some great policies in it that will help those who need it and makes sure that everyone is paying their fair share in tax. If you haven’t read it, you can take a look at it here.

I hope that this blog has helped you if you are undecided. This election is probably the most important election we’ve had in decades. With us leaving the EU, our country is going to change forever and we need the right people in power to ensure we move forwards, not backwards. Come June 8th, I will be happy with whoever wins – as long as it isn’t the incompetent Theresa May.

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