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Birthday Celebrations : My Best Dad Memories

posted by Liam McNally November 24, 2017
A Birthday Blog

On 28th November, it will be my dads 60th birthday. That’s old right? That’s like grandad old. 60 is a pretty big birthday so obviously that means it’s time to celebrate. I won’t actually see my dad on his birthday as he is going to be Edinburgh with my mum for a few days but before that, there will be a birthday meal back home with lots of presents. And it got me thinking about my favourite dad memories. I wouldn’t say that my dad and I have a lot in common but we do get on well. Click through to read some of my favourite dad memories.


Drama in Majorca

One of my earliest memories is of one of our family holidays. I can’t remember it was Menorca or Majorca (Mum tells me it was Majorca) where we went to a water park for the day. I don’t remember most of that day but I remember that it was getting to the end of the day and I had decided to go on one of the log flume rides. But when the man told us to go, I got scared and started crying. And I remember my dad dropping the bags and running up to see if I was okay.



When my brother Kieren and I were little, we used to love it when our parents bought fireworks for Bonfire Night. My dad was always responsible for lighting them but one year, he lit a screecher and it bounced back into our garden! There are overhead phone lines that go over the back of our garden, the firework went into it and came flying back down into the garden. My brother and I flew into the house and shut the door leaving my poor dad outside looking for cover. Sorry dad!


The Window Incident

This memory is a little fuzzy but what I can remember is that I was about 15/16 and my dad was driving me back home. When it’s warm, I like to have the car window down and have my hand resting on the outside of the car so I can enjoy the wind. My dad knows this but when we got home and we were parking up, he pressed the button to put all the windows up and JAMMED MY FINGERS IN THE CAR WINDOW! I can remember it being really sore and my dad trying not to burst out laughing! Somebody call Childline and get me a plaster stat!


Moving Away

I moved to Paisley when I was 21 to attend Uni. I was quite emotional on the day I moved. It was a big deal for me to move out of my parents and to a different part of the country. My parents drove me up with all my stuff and helped me get settled into my dorm but when it was time to leave, I was quite emotional and crying a lot. Both my parents were quite emotional too and I did miss them a lot during those first few weeks until I got settled in.



This memory is from earlier this year. My parents were coming to visit me and my dad was coming to fix some things in my house. I asked them to bring Radley up as I hadn’t seen him in a while. They pulled up outside and when I opened the door, Radley came flying in and pulled my dad right off his feet! And my first thought? Is my car okay?! Sorry dad!

These are some of my favourite dad memories. I look forward to many more to come. Happy birthday dad!

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