Favourite Sugababes songs

Favourite Sugababes Song – My Top 10

When you think of hugely successful noughties girl bands, there are only two groups you think of – Girls Aloud and Sugababes. Both bands were the great saviours of pop during their time in the charts, serving us bop after bop. And while both bands have now gone their separate ways (kind of), their music lives on. As Summer approaches, I’ve been listening to a lot of the Sugababes and have become re-introduced to so much great music. So why not count down my ten favourite Sugababes songs? Come on…you know you want to read more.


New Year

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. No ‘Overload’? Look, it’s a great song but ‘New Year’ is where I clicked with the Sugababes. I just love the simplicity of the song – the production is soft and subtle, the vocals are like silk and yet full of emotion. It’s also incredibly festive sounding and who doesn’t love a bit of yuletide pop? A severely underrated pop gem.


Soul Sound

The single that everyone forgets about. ‘Soul Sound’ is like the Summer version of ‘New Year’. It’s got a simple yet catchy melody, chilled production and the harmonies between Siobhan, Mutya and Keisha are to die for. I also really like the video. It’s a shame that this flopped in the charts as it’s a really great pop song.


Freak Like Me

Our introduction to Sugababes 2.0 and probably my favourite song in their entire discography. It’s high energy with a fantastic eighties vibe thanks to the sampling. I really like the vocal splits in the song with each member getting really great moments to shine.



‘Stronger’ is easily the strongest ballad the Sugababes ever recorded. Released as a double A-Side (remember them), Stronger stands out for me because of the amazing lyrics. It really tells a story and Mutya, Keisha and Heidi really bring it to life with their strong harmonies. Just stunning.


Hole In The Head

The lead single from their third album ‘Three’, I can remember the first time I heard ‘Hole In The Head’ when the music video was played on CD:UK. After the hard hitting ‘Freak Like Me’, I liked that the girls came back with something a little more chilled but still packed with the same amount of energy and sass that we’d come to know and love from them.


Red Dress

The first single from Sugababes 3.0, I can’t decide whether I prefer the Mutya or Amelle versions. Sometimes I think Mutya sounds a little bored on it and I’m sure I read somewhere that Mutya doesn’t like this song. Written by the brilliant Xenomania team, ‘Red Dress’ is high energy pop with those signature Sugababes vocals.


2 Hearts

The closing track on the groups fourth album ‘Taller In More Ways’, I am a sucker for big epic pop songs. The strings and orchestra used in ‘2 Hearts’ really help elevate this song beyond being a standard pop song and into something so much more epic. It’s just absolutely stunning. I wish I got to see them performing this live with a full band.



The second single and title track from their fifth album, ‘Change’ is a gorgeous mid-tempo electro pop song. It’s hard to pick a favourite part of this song. I don’t think the girls have sounded better on their verses – their vocals are clean and crisp and the chorus is incredibly catchy.



I remember hearing ‘Denial’ for the first time when they performed it on CD:UK. I love the harmonies in this song with Heidi really the star of the show. It’s a super catchy pop song although I did think the video was weird when it kept showing their names. You’re on your fifth album, we know who you are!


Unbreakable Heart

From their criminally underrated album ‘Catfights and Spotlights’, ‘Unbreakable Heart’ is up there with ‘Stronger’ as one of the best Sugababes ballads. The production is incredibly slick, the harmonies are on point and the melody is very catchy. Written by Klas Ã…hlund and Max Martin so no wonder it’s such a great song.

And there we have it, my favourite Sugababes songs. The Sugababes are often forgotten about as an amazing girl group (we’ll pretend Sweet 7 never happened) because of all the drama surrounding the line-up changes. Regardless of the several line-up changes, the Sugababes were up there with Girls Aloud as the best girl groups of the century if not ever. We shouldn’t forget that. Let’s hope we can get the Sugababes back someday with new music. Hey, if Steps and All Saints can do it then so can the Sugababes.

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