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The Best Reveals at E3 2017

posted by Liam McNally June 16, 2017
E3 2017 Reveals

E3 is one of my favourite times of year. When the world’s biggest gaming companies get together and show us the latest games that are coming over the next 12 months and beyond. I’ve watched all of the press conferences for years, staying up until three in the morning some nights doing so. And this year was on different as I checked out everything the gaming giants had to offer at E3 2017. Here are some of my highlights from this years event.


Super Lucky’s Tale

Super Lucky's Tale

Microsoft were first up of the big three to present. I’m not really a Microsoft gamer so I was expecting much at all. Colour me surprised when Super Lucky’s Tale showed up in their presentation with a November release date! I actually got to play this game for the first time last year at the Play Expo event in Glasgow. It was a VR game I got to try out on the Occulus Rift and it was SO MUCH FUN! They never game me any information about the game afterwards so I’m glad I finally know when I can get my hands on this. I hope it’s as fun on console as it was playing in VR.

Super Lucky’s Tale releases on Xbox One on November 7th.


Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Okay so everyone knows that I’m Star Wars mad right so obviously this was going to be on my list! After the huge success of Star Wars Battlefront on Playstation and Xbox and with ‘The Last Jedi’ hitting cinemas soon, it makes sense for a sequel to be released. And they are really amping up! The first game focused primarily on the original movies but Battlefront 2 will see us battle across all Star Wars era – from episode 1 right through to the upcoming episode 8. So far we’ve mostly seen Naboo and a brief glimpse of Kashyyk but there will be tons more! I’m so excited to finally play in the Clone Wars era! And of course, there is going to be a proper single player mode which is essential this time round.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases on Playstation 4 and Xbox One on November 17th.


Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

The flagship game for Nintendo at E3 this year, Super Mario Odyssey takes us back to the open world aspect like Super Mario 64 with a twist. Super Mario titles are infamous for their power ups but Odyssey is doing things a little differently. It’s all in the hat. Mario can now use his hat to take control of enemies and objects! Goombas, robots and even dinosaurs. Dinosaur Mario. That’s something I never thought I’d say. As usual, the game is incredibly colourful and bright, just the way I like it. I’m so glad they’ve gone back to the open world concept like 64 and Galaxy. Downside? It comes out in October which means I have to wait 8 whole weeks to get it for my Christmas. TORTURE!

Super Mario Odyssey releases on Nintendo Switch on October 27th.


The Return of Metroid

For the last 6/7 years of watching E3, I have had the following games on my wish list – Star Fox, Metroid and F Zero. We finally got a new Star Fox game in 2016 but the chances of a new Metroid seemed slim. But at E3 2017 we got none one but TWO new Metroid titles! First up was the announcement that Metroid Prime 4 is in development for Nintendo Switch! No footage was shown so it must be very early days although I’m hoping for a 2018 release. And then in the Nintendo Treehouse Event, they showed off a full remake of Metroid 2 for the 3DS! Titled Metroid: Samus Returns, it’s a built from scratch remake and it looks brilliant! It seems like Metroid games are like buses, you spend ages waiting for one and then two come along at the same time.

Metroid Prime 4 release date will be announced in due course. Metroid: Samus Returns released on Nintendo 3DS this September.


Yoshi Switch

Yoshi’s Wooly World on the Wii U was one of my favourite titles. It was so incredibly adorable, charming and surprisingly difficult if you were aiming for 100% completion. And now we have a sequel. But it’s no longer in the world of yarn, it’s in the cardboard world! Almost like a story book where you can flip between sides – the foreground and background, it adds in a new element of gaming to the genre while still maintaining all the charm. I have high hopes for this one.

Yoshi for Switch has no official title and will be released sometime in 2018.

And that’s it folks! Those were my top picks for E3 2017. Both Microsoft and in particular Sony were quite disappointing this year. There seems to be a real lack of innovation from the developers at the moment. I can only hope that new and exciting titles will be announced sometime in the future. What do you think of this years E3? Let me know in the comments below and as always, thanks for reading.

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