Best Kylie Minogue Songs

Queen Kylie Is Back: The 5 Best Kylie Minogue Songs

Kylie Minogue, the undisputed Queen of pop is back with her brand new single ‘Dancing’. The lead single from her upcoming 14th studio album ‘Golden’, it’s exciting to finally have one of my favourite artists back. With a music career spanning longer than I’ve been alive, Kylie Minogue has consistently delivered incredibly pop music over the years. So it’s not all the surprising that I’ve been listening to a lot of Kylie recently. To celebrate the return of Queen Kylie, here are in my opinion, the 5 best Kylie Minogue songs.



As I write this blog, my husband just informed me that he hadn’t heard this song before. The blasphemy. The downright offensiveness. ‘Breathe’ is peak Kylie to me. Part of her indie phase, I find the production in this song to just be magical. It pulls me in in a way that no other Kylie song quite manages. The middle eight in particular is just stunning.

Get Outta My Way


‘Get Outta My Way’ was the second single to be taken from my favourite album ‘Aphrodite’. From the gorgeous piano intro to the thumping bass, this song just continues to build an energy before fully unleashing in the chorus. The bridge is my favourite part, I love absolutely the harmonies. Frustratingly, this song was sampled by Alesso in 2015 which went onto become quite a big hit. And whenever that song comes on the radio, I always get so excited thinking it’s Kylie! Gutted!

Love At First Sight


The third single from the hugely popular album ‘Fever’, I used to be obsessed with the video for ‘Love At First Sight’. The orange armband she wears? I was desperate to have one of my own. As for the track itself, it’s all about the chorus which is just so feel good. Every time this track comes on shuffle, it’s impossible to not bop along to it.

Confide In Me


Kylie’s indie phase was most definitely under-appreciated at the time. ‘Confide In Me’ is the poster child for this era. I absolutely love the sultriness of Kylie’s vocal delivery, the strings in the chorus and her balls for such a drastic change in sound. When will your faves?



Not released as a single and it’s still an international outrage that it wasn’t. Written by the indredibe Nerina Pallot, I love this song because it does a fantastic job of representing the album as a whole while also being completely unique from the rest of the tracks. It’s also the first track she performed on her ‘Aphrodite Les Foiles’ tour and it was one of the best tours I’ve ever been to. Kylie appearing on stage atop a giant gold unicorn statue. Amazing.

I had a lot of fun writing this blog and listening to so much Kylie during the process. What are your favourite Kylie Minogue songs?

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