BenQ WiT Desk Lamp Review

BenQ WiT Desk Lamp Review

I’m currently in the process of converting one of my spare rooms into an office. The room is painted, the desk is in place – all that’s left are the accessories. I’ve been on the lookout for a good lamp for a while now so when the team at BenQ got in touch about a review, it felt like a match made in heaven. They very kindly sent me a BenQ WiT Desk Lamp to try out in my new office space. So what makes this lamp so special and is it worth the price tag? Click through to find out my thoughts below.

So What Exactly Is A WiT Desk Lamp?

The WiT (Wide Intelligent Tailor-Made) is a LED Lighting lamp designed for reducing eye strain and glare for e-reading. Ever found your eyes getting tired and strained working at a computer or noticed significant glare on your screen? The WiT is designed to reduce all this using it’s smart sensor and ‘Smile Curve Technology’.

The BenQ WiT Desk Lamp Review - Comes in a variety of colours

The Design

Opening up the box and setting up the lamp, my first thought was that it’s certainly an unique design. Unique but trendy. The lamp itself is quite long with a curved lamp head in order to provide maximum light coverage and ability to adjust the lamp to cover large areas. The lamp head itself comes in a range of colours (mine is gold) but is also available in silver, blue and more. On top is a dial for controlling brightness and there’s also a touch sensitive ring which switches the lamp on and off as well as activating the smart sensor. More on that later.

BenQ WiT Desk Lamp Review

BenQ WiT Desk Lamp Review

The base is a large cylinder which is incredibly heavy so be careful when assembling otherwise you’ll injure yourself. It’s good though for keeping the lamp steady so it’s not going to topple over. The final part of the lamp design that I’d like to discuss is the cabling. The cabling is visible through much of the lamp matching up the colour design of the lamp head. I really like this design quirk, it gives me Scandinavian design vibes which is very on trend at the moment.

Controls & Performance

Design is important but performance for a smart lamp like this is the most important element. And the BenQ WiT Desk Lamp is both easy to use and provides good performance. The lamp can be adjusted at two ends – height and width. You can adjust the lamp so that it can sit as high or as low as you want (it’s maximum height is 33.5-inches) as well as adjusting the lamp head so it sits at different angles based on the light coverage you need. It’s perfect for desk use if you have a lot of things scattered as you can have the lamp provide full light coverage or have it hone in on specific elements. And never at any point does it feel like it could fall over.

The main feature for me is the smart sensor which is the ring at the top of the lamp. Hold your finger on this until the green light activates and the light will automatically adjust it’s colour and brightness for optimal performance. You can of course adjust the colour of the light and it’s brightness yourself but you are best to allow it to determine what is best. It is a smart light after all. The only downside is that it is VERY sensitive. I often accidentally turn the light off instead of activating the smart sensor. They should consider adding an on/off switch which is separate from the smart sensor.

Does It Work?

Ultimately, does it work? After extensive use over the last few weeks, my eyes have definitely felt less tired and strained. With the nights continuing to get darker, I’m spending more and more time working in the dark. My eyes feel less strained and there is less glare on my computer screen. I also love how easy it is to adjust the lamp so I can have it as low or as high as I like. The design is really cool, this feels like a premium product and will look good in any office space. It is a bit pricey but if you’re looking for a trendy lamp then it’s a good lamp to consider.

You can buy the WiT Desk Lamp right now from Amazon in a variety of colours.

This post was produced in collaboration with BenQ. All views are, as always, my own.

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