Bakersday Review - Picture of the Darth Vader cake in tin

Giving The Ideal Fathers Day Gift With Bakerdays Cakes

Living in a different part of the country from most of my loved ones has it’s downsides. I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like, no impromptu hangouts and I sometimes miss birthdays and special events. Thanks to the Internet though, I can still make sure I can have gifts delivered to my loved ones when it comes to birthdays. But usually it’s chocolates from Amazon or flowers from Next. It would be quite good to shake it up while also supporting smaller businesses since that’s what I try to always advocate. So when the company Bakerdays got in touch about a potential collaboration for Fathers Day, I thought it was a great opportunity to explore.

So who exactly are Bakerdays and what do they offer? Based down in Nottinghamshire, Bakersday are a team of bakers who offer a wide range of cakes in all sizes from cakes that can fit through your letterbox to large cakes designed for parties and more. Their cakes are available in a range of flavours including chocolate chip, red velvet as well as gluten free options. These cakes can also be personalised too.

For me, the interest was in their letterbox cakes as I need something that can be delivered to my family and friends that doesn’t require them to go and collect from the Royal Mail. Bakerdays let me choose a cake from their ‘Fathers Day range as well as the flavour of cake I’d like. Obviously, I went with the Star Wars cake because I’m a massive Star Wars fan. Is my dad though? I don’t think so although I think I did make him watch The Empire Strikes Back a million times growing up. This cake can be personalised but I chose to go without. And then it was time to wait for the cake to arrive.

If I’m honest, I was a little concerned about how the cake could possible arrive undamaged. Well I needn’t have worried one bit. Your cake comes inside a nifty metallic tin to keep it nice and safe during transit.

Bakerdays Cake Review - image of the tin and card

Bakerdays Cake Review - Image of the cake inside the tin

But what about the cake itself? It’s a decent size for a cake that is delivered through your letterbox that’s for sure. The base itself is quite thin but it’s thick enough to give you a good amount of cake per bite. The base I chose was the rich chocolate chip and it was oh so yummy. Not too dry, the texture was nice and light and not overly sweet. The design of the cake is a layer of icing with the design printed on top. The icing is a lot thicker than it looks and gives you the sugar hit that you are looking for. Again, it wasn’t too sweet which can sometimes be an issue with icing. As it’s a letterbox cake, it’s the ideal size for the recipient to enjoy on their own but also cut it up into 4 or 5 slices and share.

Bakerdays Cake Review - image of the Darth Vader cake being cut into

Bakerdays Cake Review - image of the base of the cake

My only slight issue is with the price. For a letterbox cake, it will cost you £14.99 which initially I thought was quite pricey. But when you factor in the fact that delivery is free so that £14.99 price tag is all you pay, it’s actually a decent price. And you can’t really complain when you have to pay £20 upwards to get nice flowers delivered these days. And with my 15% discount code, you can save a little bit too. Just enter my code ‘LIAMSLIFE15’ at checkout!

When it comes to sending gifts to loved ones whether it be birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, I always like to send something a little bit different. With Bakerdays letterbox cakes, it ticks all those boxes and I’m already looking at my calendar to make sure I get my orders in for upcoming birthdays. First up will be one for my dad for Fathers Day – I mean, I did end up eating this one!

Don’t forget to check out the range of cake designs over at and use my code LIAMSLIFE15 to get 15% off your order.

Disclosure – I was sent this cake by Bakersday for the purpose of this review. All views are unbiased and my own.

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