Infinity War - 5 Theories for Avengers 4

Avengers 4 – Theories For What Happens Next

Avengers: Infinity War is still killing it in cinemas and to be honest, I’m still shook by what happened. It was a lot. Like really a lot. I can’t really put into words how engrossed I was in this movie. It was 149 minutes of thrilling action, high emotions and shock deaths. And now we have a painfully long wait to find out what happens next in Avengers 4. So obviously, I have spent countless hours reading theories on what happens next. Some of what I have read have been pretty cool ideas while others are really out there. So what’s the end game for Avengers 4? Where are they going to take the story next? Here are some of my theories for what could happen in Avengers 4.

Be warned, that this post contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.

That Post Credits Scene

If you stayed to the end of the credits (why wouldn’t you) then you’ll have seen Nick Fury sending an emergency message before he disintegrated. Who was he contacting? Captain Marvel of course! So many people at the screening I was in had no idea what it was! Brie Larson will be starring as Captain Marvel in her debut solo movie next February just months before Avengers 4. But who is Captain Marvel? I was first introduced to Captain Marvel in the 90’s animated X-Men cartoon when Rogue permanently absorbs her powers of flight and superhuman strength.

Pretty cool powers but how will this be enough to stop an infinity stone wielding Thanos? Maybe she could with the power of the seventh infinity stone? Yes, that’s right – a seventh infinity stone. Could Captain Marvel be sent on a quest with the remaining Avengers to find this seventh stone to defeat Thanos?

Gamora & the Soul Stone

Avengers 4 - Picture of Gamora

Who else was gobsmacked when Thanos threw Gamora to her death in order to obtain the soul stone? We knew there would be deaths in this film but I expected the Guardians to remain intact what with the 3rd Guardians of the Galaxy film due in 2020. But is Gamora really dead? We did see a young Gamora at the end with Thanos when he used the infinity stones to murder half the Universe. Is she in fact trapped inside the soul stone? Could she be revived in some way by the Avengers using the stone? As much as I love Gamora, I would prefer her death to be permanent otherwise it kind of ruins Infinity War if everything is undone in the end.

Captain America sacrifices himself

At the end of Infinity War, several characters including Spiderman, Groot and Doctor Strange met their ends when Thanos used the infinity stones. It’s pretty obvious that these characters are going to be brought back. There’s no way in hell that Marvel would kill off their newer characters such as Black Panther. It’s actually those who are still alive that are in danger of being permanently killed in Avengers 4. With this movie meaning the end of contracts for a few of the core cast, any of them could be killed off. But for me, it’s most likely to be Captain America. Why? Because he is the leader of the Avengers and it would be a full circle moment for his character. He sacrificed himself to save the world in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ and he would no doubt do it again. How will he die? I wonder if he will sacrifice himself in order for the Avengers to obtain the soul stone, the same way Thanos sacrificed Gamora to gain it.

Who Stays Dead?

Avengers 4 - Loki with the tesseract

By the times the credits roll on Avengers: Infinity War, we’ve lost Heimdall, Loki, Gamora, Vision, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, most of the Guardians, Scarlet Witch and many more. But will they all stay dead? As mentioned in the previous section, those who died when Thanos used the infinity stones will no doubt be back but what of those who died before that? Loki and Heimdall are dead for sure. Their storylines feel pretty much wrapped up. And as I’ve previously mentioned, I would like Gamora to stay dead. So that leaves Vision. Could Shuri be able to bring at least a part of him back? How far did she get with the process of extracting Vision from the soul stone? This one is a little out there but this is the Avengers after all. Again, I’d like Vision to stay dead for the same reason I’d like Gamora to stay dead.

Doctor Strange & the Time Stone

Did anyone else get angry with Doctor Strange when he gave the time stone over to Thanos? I know he did it to save Iron Man but I mean – COME ON! Especially since he said that he would not hesitate to sacrifice Iron Man if it meant keeping the stone safe. So why did he do it? Before their fight with Thanos, Strange used the time stone to go in forward to see all possible outcomes. Only one of those outcomes ended with them defeating Thanos. Did he give up the stone knowing something about the future? Did he see Iron Man doing something in the future which is integral to the defeat of Thanos? It’s the only explanation.

And that concludes my theories for Avengers 4. What do you think? Do you agree with my theories or do you have theories of your own? If you do, share them with me in the comments and on social media.

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