Places I need to visit in 2018 - picture of Toronto and Lake Ontario

Grab Your Passports! 5 Places I Need To Visit In 2018!

If you’re a regular reader of Liam’s Life (*coughs* subscribe please *coughs*) then you will know that I did a lot of travelling in 2017. I travelled so much in 2017 that I had already made a pact with my husband that we’d stay home in 2018. But now that we’re actually in 2018, I’m itching to go on another adventure. But to where I hear you ask? Without further ado, here are my 5 places I need to visit in 2018.

A Scottish Tour

5 Places I Need To Visit in 2018 - The countryside of Scotland

From Canada to Japan, I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled all over the world. But when it comes to touring Scotland, I’ve never been further north than Edinburgh. That’s terrible right?! I did go to Saint Andrews once for a wedding but that doesn’t really count. Scotland is a beautiful country with so many different sides to it. Now that I can drive, I have absolutely no excuses now that stops me from travelling around my home country. I’ve already been on Google Maps and marked some parts of the country that I want to visit. This includes Saint Andrews, Inverness, Stornoway and Stranraer. I’ve always wanted to visit these places (in particular Stornoway) so I’m going to plan some trips to these places over Summer when the good weather (lol) arrives.


5 Places I Need To Visit in 2018 - Malta Beach

I have a fascination with countries that are really teeny and that you never seem to hear much about. Malta falls into this category. I don’t know what it is about Malta that seems so appealing to me but I’ve been DYING to go for quite some time. The capital of Valletta looks absolutely gorgeous, the perfect mix of stunning architecture and lovely sunny beaches. I love that it’s just tucked away in the middle of the Mediterranean so it seems like the perfect place to go and relax. That’s what I’m really look for this year – somewhere to relax and take my mind off everything.


5 Places I Need To Visit in 2018 - Sweden Bridge and Building

I’ve always had a fascination with the Scandinavian countries but Sweden is the main interest of the 3. Maybe it’s because it’s the home of Eurovision, the land of incredible pop music such as Loreen, Robyn and of course ABBA. Maybe it’s because Swedish people always seem to look incredibly attractive (in the movies anyway) but I’ve always wanted to visit Stockholm. It looks like such a gorgeous city full of wonderful culture and architecture. It’s quite expensive to visit though.


5 Places I Need To Visit In 2018 - Iceland. View over city.

Continuing the Scandinavian vibe, Iceland has been on my radar for years but I’ve never gotten round to it. My parents went a few years ago and they both loved it. I love the idea of chilling in the outdoor lagoons and taking in all of the stunning scenery. There are always deals on Groupon for Iceland so maybe I’ll finally make the trip this year? Imagine how awesome it would be to see th Northern Lights.

A Canadian Christmas

5 Placed I Need To Visit in 2018 - Toronto Skyline

Yes I know, I was in Toronto last year but there is so much more to Canada. Ottawa, Quebec, Halifax and Vancouver to name a few. As I mentioned in my ‘New Year, New Me‘ blog post, Steven and I are discussing whether to emigrate to Canada or not. One of the things to consider are the Canadian Winters which can be as low as -30 degrees! Would we be able to handle it? What a perfect way to find out than by going back for another trip right? Any excuse basically.

What are your plans travel wise in 2018? Any exciting international destinations or are you staying where you are? Let me know in the comments below and happy travelling!


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