5 New TV Shows We Need To Check Out

5 New TV Shows You Need To Check Out

I’ve found myself becoming less and less engaged with US network television over the last couple of years. The veteran shows are not holding onto their quality while new shows just aren’t up to scratch. It certainly seems that the golden age of network television is well and truly over. Now with the current television season over, it’s time for us to mourn the shows that have been cancelled whilst also checking out the new crop of shows. And honestly, the lineup of new shows for 2017/2018 is incredibly depressing. There is a severe lack of creativity amongst the four big networks, they are hedging their bets on generic programming slowing down the ratings decline we’ve seen over the years. Alas, there are a handful of shows that sound mildly interesting – here are the five new TV shows that you need to check out.

01. The Gifted

‘The Gifted’ is a superhero TV show based in the X-Men Universe. Starring Stephen Moyer (True Blood) and Amy Acker (Angel) as two ordinary parents who go on the run with their children when they discover that their kids have mutant powers. It’s a pretty talented cast and I’m a big fan of X-Men but I have a couple of concerns with this show. The first is that Bryan Singer is involved. He has been at the forefront of the X-Men movies and I feel he has taken the franchise in the wrong direction for too long. I need Fox to bring someone else in to give the franchise some fresh ideas. Second, there are a LOT of superhero TV shows on at the moment. There’s about a million on The CW and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is still going at ABC. How is The Gifted going to set itself apart? The talented cast is enough to have me tune in but it’s going to have to be A+ if it wants people to stick around. I would love it if it was like a live action version of the absolutely incredible X-Men Animated Series from the 1990’s.

The Gifted debuts on FOX in the Autumn. A UK broadcaster is yet to be announced.

02. Inhumans

I’ve added the Inhumans to this list because I love superhero stuff. That being said, I’m a little apprehensive about this show. It’s had a muddy history getting onto our screens. Initially a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s now been relegated to TV status after the inhumans ended up appearing in the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It seems that the Inhumans show and AoS are going to be tied together storyline wise which gives me hope because Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is a great show. But I’m also very aware that ABC have put Inhumans into their Friday night schedule. Friday night slots on US TV is where TV shows go to die. Do ABC not have much faith in the show and are just plugging a hole in their programming? I’m not sure but the fact that a trailer hasn’t been released (as far as I’m aware) isn’t exactly calming my concerns for this show. I’m still going to check it out and hope it’s great.

The Inhumans debuts on ABC in the Autumn. A UK broadcaster is yet to be announced.

03. Star Trek Discovery

When I was a kid, the Star Trek TV shows were a big thing. ‘Deep Space Nine’ was the one I always watched and I loved it. So it makes sense for them to bring Star Trek back to the small screen after the successful reboot of the movie franchise. It’s a really eclectic cast which includes one of my favourite actresses – Michelle Yeoh. From the small clip I’ve seen, I’m loving the direction that they are taking with this show. It looks like it’s going to be a very real and gritting show with excellent action scenes thrown in. Can’t wait!

Star Trek Discovery debuts on CBS All Access later this year. Netflix will air the show in the UK.

04. Ghosted

With my beloved ‘2 Broke Girls’ now off the air (damn you CBS), I’m on the lookout for a new comedy and ‘Ghosted’ could be it. Starring the delightful Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, Ghosted follows their story as a skeptic and believer as they are hired by the Bureau to investigate mysterious cases. It could be hilarious, it could be awful. It could be that dreadful American humour that I don’t get. I’m hoping for the former as there really isn’t any good decent comedies on TV these days.

Ghosted will air later in the year on Fox. A UK broadcaster is yet to be announced.

05. Life Sentence

After the success of ‘Riverdale’, The CW have wisely decided to add another new non-superhero show to their network. Starring Lucy Hale as Stella, she’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer so decided to live her life to the maximum. One twist? She’s not dying anymore and now she has to live with all those decisions she’s made. Oops. Usually, I would avoid shows on The CW network as they tend to be skewed towards a younger audience but Riverdale was so freaking good that I reckon this could be just as good.

Life Sentence will air later in the year on The CW. A UK broadcaster has yet to be announced.

Stay tuned to Liam’s Life later in the year when I will be covering the pilots as they air.

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