20 Years of Steps – Ranking The Hits

posted by Liam McNally April 14, 2017
Steps Tears on the Dancefloor Review

When I think that 1997 was 20 years ago, it makes me feel incredibly old. Back then, I was a 10 year old kid with a huge love for pop music. One of my favourite groups growing up was of course Steps. How could you not love their brand of big bold pop?! When they split in Christmas 2001, I was absolutely gutted. My favourite group were no more. Now, 20 years on and our favourite fivesome are back with a new label and a new album. To celebrate the return of the almighty Steps, let’s rundown my 10 favourite Steps singles and see which is the ultimate Steptastic song.



I can remember thinking this was going to flop on the charts because I could never found the video on the music channels. And then it went to number 1 and became one of their biggest hits. I love how simply pop it is and the disco vibe is great. I would have loved more pop like this from them.


Light Up The World

The only single from their 2012 Christmas album and I don’t care what people say, this is a brilliant song. The vocals are sublime, the vocals are incredible and that chorus – just wow! It’s absolutely epic.


Last Thing On My Mind

This was the song that got me into Steps. A cover of the Bananarama track, I love this for it’s Europop realness and very Summery music video.


Summer Of Love

You cannot beat a bit of latin inspired pop and Summer of Love was and still is the perfect Summer single. I also loved the video with all the bright pink and orange colours, it’s actually how I got the colour scheme for my professional website.


Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction was definitely my favourite cover of theirs. I really like the harmonies. This was also when I knew something was up in the band because Claire looked really miserable. Amazing how you can pick up on these things as a kid!



I didn’t really like Heartbeat until I was older. I was never a fan of ballads as a child but I have a new found appreciation for them, in particular this song. It has such a great melody and it is super Christmasy. And we all know that I love Christmas!


It’s The Way You Make Me Feel

If you had asked me when I was a teenager what my favourite Steps song was, I would have picked ‘It’s The Way You Make Me Feel’. I absolutely LOVE the harmonies in the chorus. Pure pop bliss.


When I Said Goodbye

This is another one that I didn’t connect with until I was older. It’s such a beautiful song and the key change is amazing! Claire really suits the lead in this song although I would have liked a bit of Faye in there too.


Here And Now

The final single from their Buzz album, Here and Now is easily the most underrated of their singles. It’s a more sophisticated pop sound for them which is a good blueprint for their new music.


Deeper Shade Of Blue

The song that changed everything for Steps. It marked the end of the cheesy colour coordinated music videos into a more cool group. It showed a much edgier side to the group and they were just so freakin cool.

Steps have had a lot of amazing singles, so many that it was really difficult choosing my 10 favourites. What are your favourite Steps songs?

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