10 Best Girls' Generation Songs

The 10 Best Girls’ Generation Songs EVER!

With Girls’ Generation celebrating their 10th anniversary back in August and the girls looking likely to have re-signed, it’s a pretty good time to be a Girls’ Generation fan. More group albums will be on the way, more solo albums, TV shows and more. Their 10th anniversary promotions were a bit of a mess unfortunately due to label issues but here at Liam’s Life, I like to focus on the positive side of things and in this case, it’s the music. We got two brilliant new singles and it got me thinking about my favourite Girls’ Generation songs. Have the new single and the ‘Holiday Night’ album shaken things up at all? Click through to find out what are the 10 best Girls’ Generation songs EVER!

10. Chain Reaction

From the repackage of their ‘The Best’ album, Chain Reaction deserves to be so much more than a Greatest Hits album track. Chain Reaction has one of the best bridge/chorus combos in the groups discography. It’s infectious and the choreography for the song is one of their best.

09. Paparazzi

I remember feeling worried when Paparazzi was announced as a single. The first single from their 2nd Japanese album, what if it didn’t live up to the brilliance of their debut? Well I had nothing to worry about as Paparazzi took the girls further down the electro pop route with this glitzy number. One of my favourite music videos from them too.

08. Galaxy Supernova

The 2nd single from their 3rd Japanese album, Galaxy Supernova was the slam dunk single of that era with it’s ridiculously infectious melody. The chorus and post-chorus are both absolute earworms. The vocals were a lot more evenly distributed on this track which is also why I like it so much.

07. Mr. Taxi

Mr. Taxi will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first K-Pop song I ever heard. Seeing the Mr. Taxi video on loop in Japan and instantly falling in love with them (SooYoung in particular). It became the benchmark for K-Pop in the Japanese market that most groups were unable to emulate.

06. Flower Power

The final single from their 2nd Japanese album ‘Girls & Peace’, Flower Power is without a doubt their most Japanese sounding single. It’s the perfect mashup between K-Pop and J-Pop taking the electro pop sound and adding that J-Pop energy into the mix. A seriously underrated bop in their discography.

05. All Night

Their latest single, All Night deserved so much better than it’s #32 placing on the Korean chart. A true pop injustice. All Night sees the girls going in a different direction with their electro pop sound by adding in a retro 80’s flavour. The vocals are killer, the production is slick and that key change at the end is pure pop bliss.

04. Animal

An album track from ‘Girls & Peace’, Animal just screams hit single to me. From the get go with it’s thumping bass, it instantly grabs your attention and then slays you with it’s killer chorus. It’s high energy and an instant dance floor filler.

03. Holiday

As Asia’s biggest girl group, there has always been talk of Girls’ Generation breaking into the Western market. And if there was ever the perfect song to do it with, it would be Holiday. A slice of pure unfiltered pop, Holiday has a fantastic positive energy to it that just puts a smile on your face every time you hear it. Little Mix wish they could get a song as good as this.

02. Gee

Gee will always be Girls’ Generation first and most memorable hit. It’s the song that really made them. Like Holiday, it gives off that positive joyful vibe and despite being almost 10 years old, it still sounds incredibly current. It has the same sort of appeal that songs like ‘Call Me Maybe’ have.

01. Genie

While Gee may be their biggest hit, Genie arguably was their most significant single, showing the industry how to merge the world of K-pop with Western inspired pop. It’s 3 minutes and 42 seconds of a perfect pop song. Sublime production, sublime melody, sublime vocals. This is the definition of a perfect pop song.

Compiling this list was incredibly difficult and there were at least eight songs that I really wanted to include such as ‘Lips’, ‘Catch Me If You Can’ and ‘I Got A Boy’. And that’s testament to the brilliance of Girls’ Generation. What are your favourite Girls’ Generation songs? Let me know in the comments below!

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