Liam’s Life: June Diary & July Plans

30th June 2016 0 comments
Liam's Life: June Recap

And the end of another month has come. We’re actually into the second half of 2016! How bizarre is that! June was a pretty good month for me so I thought it would be a good idea to recap how June was for me before discussing what I’m looking forward to in July.

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Album Review: Taeyeon – ‘Why’

28th June 2016 0 comments
Album Review: Taeyeon - Why

Tiffany, Luna, Jonghyun, EXO. SM have been absolutely killing it this year with their artists. We’ve had such an eclectic mix of sounds and genres over the last six months from 80’s synth to 90’s house and now it’s time for their top female artist to turn it out.

Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon is back with her second mini album ‘Why’, the follow up to last year’s mega hit ‘I’. Taeyeon played it safe with her debut mini album but that’s not the case here with ‘Why’ packed to the brim with a range of genre challenging pop tracks. EDM, R&B, synth – you name it, it’s here. SM’s golden girl is clearly not playing around this time.

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Celebrating 20 years of the Nintendo 64

As a Nintendo fanboy, I love all of the consoles that Nintendo have released throughout my time as a gamer. But there is one that is a clear favourite of mine and that is the Nintendo 64.

I got my Nintendo 64 for my thirteenth birthday back in 2000 which was late into the console’s life and I was immediately mesmerised by it. It has now been 20 years since the N64 was first launched (in Japan at least) so I thought I would celebrate with a list of my five favourite N64 games. Join me as I walk through memory lane with my favourite console.

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